What is soca parang?

What is soca parang?

During Christmas season, the land of soca and calypso transforms into a country united by parang music. Derived from the Spanish word “parranda” meaning “a spree or fête”, parang bands in Trinidad embody this translation with lively and colourful performances that exude the festivity of the season.

Who sang the first soca parang?

However, parang has been hybridized and two subgenres have been formed – parang soca and soca parang. (No Trinis, they are not the same). Parang soca has a parang rhythm as the base. The first major parang soca was aptly called “Parang Soca” (also known as “Maria”) by Crazy in 1978 and gave the sub-genre its name.

Who is Parang performed for?

WHAT IS PARANG? The term Parang is derived from the Spanish word parranda, which means a spree or a fête. Initially it meant a group of four or more men who went to give a parranda at an event – a christening or a birthday celebration. The group sang to the accompaniment of musical instruments.

What kinds types of Parang genres exist now?

Today, parang is especially vibrant in Trinidad and Tobago communities such as Paramin, Lopinot, and Arima….

Stylistic origins Joropo, Jota, Venezuelan music, Latin American music, Spanish music, Trinidadian music
Cultural origins Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago
Fusion genres
Chutney parang and Parang soca

What does parang mean in Trinidad?

Parang is a style of music that is synonymous with the Christmas season in Trinidad and Tobago. This folk form evolved over time to incorporate singing from house to house and large corporate stages. Competitions and festivals highlight the parang music and create traditions that are part of this Trini Christmas.

Who was the most popular parang queen?

Daisy Voisin
Hailed as the undisputed “Queen of Parang” for her vocal prowess and the many triumphs and popularity of the band she led, the La Divina Pastora Serenaders, Daisy Voisin left an indelible mark on the local Parang scene in Trinidad and Tobago.

What are two types of parang?

Today there are new and different styles and categories of parang called Aguinaldos (also known as Serenales), Guarapos and Despendidas.