What is Scumble from Ingrid Law about?

What is Scumble from Ingrid Law about?

Scumble, like its predecessor and companion book “Savvy”, is a coming of age tale of a thirteen-year-old in a family “misfits” who each get a special and unique talent (“savvy”) on their thirteenth birthday. The protagonist of this book is Ledger “Ledge” Kale, cousin of Mississippi “Mibs” Beaumont of Savvy fame.

What is the theme of switch by Ingrid Law?

SWITCH | mysite. Sometimes it takes a big switch to see the magic inside yourself and others… Discover a heartwarming story about the magic of friendship and the power of family in this new companion to Newbery Honor Book and New York Times Best Seller, Savvy, and its follow-up, Scumble.

What is the plot of Savvy?

Savvy by Ingrid Law is a touching tale of a young woman’s journey to find her place in the world, along with the help of a band of misfits she never thought would stand by her side. It is a story of hope, courage, growing up, and of learning to understand that not everything, or everyone, is as they first appear.

How many pages are in the book Scumble?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780142419625
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date: 08/09/2011
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 103,292

What is the third book in the Savvy series?

Switch (Savvy, book 3) by Ingrid Law.

Who is the main character in switch by Ingrid Law?

About Switch Gypsy Beaumont has always been a whirly-twirly free spirit, so as her thirteenth birthday approaches, she hopes to get a magical ability that will let her fly, or dance up to the stars. Instead, she wakes up on her birthday with blurry vision . . . and starts seeing flashes of the future and past.

What is Gypsy’s savvy?

Gypsy’s original savvy was the ability to see into someone’s past or future when she slipped her glasses below her nose. She learns she has this ability when she sees a vision of her brother Tucker in the future and a vision of her mother in the past.

What happens at the end of the book savvy?

So as our story winds to a close, Poppa’s on the men, Fish can scumble his savvy and is headed back to school, Rocket is leaving to try to learn to scumble, Mibs is dealing with her savvy, and the pastor’s kids are in the Beaumont’s lives. Though this all sounds pretty tidy, the ending still leaves plenty of questions.

Is there a second book of savvy?

The sequel to Savvy, Scumble, was released in August 2010. The plot follows a cousin of Mibs’, Ledger Kale, whose savvy is to break anything, and also takes place nine years afterward.

Who are the characters in the book Savvy?