How do I pay tolls in Hungary?

How do I pay tolls in Hungary?

The Hungarian vignette, the e-Matrica, controls the toll online via the vehicle license plate. The previous paper vignette has thus been replaced with a digital vignette. The advantage of the new technology is that the e-vignette can be purchased online and is valid immediately when required.

Where can I buy vignette for Hungary?

the ematrica.nemzetiutdij.
Where can I buy a vignette for Hungary? Vignettes for Hungary are sold in electronic form and can be purchased via the Internet on the website, via the mobile application of one of the contract sellers and at the common points of sale.

What is Hu go?

A toll box for navigating Hungarian tolls.

How much is a vignette in Hungary?

Hungary Vignette Information Price: – 1 week: 2975 HUF valid from selected starting day and nine days afterwards (a total of 10 days). 1 month: 4780 HUF Valid from the selected starting date until midnight of the same date in the following month.

How much is the Hungarian vignette?

Changes in the e-vignette system from 1 January 2021

E-vignette gross price (the price of road use authorization in HUF with value-added tax included)
Year E-vignette vehicle category Weekly (10-day) [HUF]
2021 D1M 1,530
D1 3,640

Do I need a vignette for Slovakia?

It is necessary to have a toll sticker (vignette) if you want to drive on the motorway in Slovakia. The price of toll sticker for one year is 50 Euros. One month toll sticker is 14 Euros and 10 day toll sticker costs 10 Euros. You can buy the toll ticket in post offices and on the gas stations.

Where can I buy Austrian vignette in Hungary?

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The vignette can be bought online at the with the earliest begin of validity of 18 days from purchase.

Where can I buy a Swiss highway sticker?

Motorway vignette Switzerland 2022/2023 – must knows

  • A vignette is required to drive on Swiss motorways.
  • Vignettes can be purchased online, at the border or at gas stations.
  • An additional vignette is obligatory for trailers and caravans.
  • Swiss rental cars already have a vignette.

Can I buy a Swiss vignette at the border?

In Switzerland you can buy the motorway vignette at filling stations, post offices, and at customs posts at the border. You can also get it online from the Swiss Post website.