What does Durex mutual climax does?

What does Durex mutual climax does?

Durex Mutual Climax Condom is specially designed to help both of the individuals to achieve pleasure while engaging in intercourse. It is made with the performa lubricant that helps make him last longer and the ribbed and dotted design can increase their pleasure experiene thus contributing to their mutual climax.

How do you use mutual climax in Durex?

How to Use

  1. Place the condom on the erect reproductive organ before penetration.
  2. Remember that the direction of rolling should be on the outside, and not the inside.
  3. Ensure to squeeze the top end of the condom before rolling it on to release any trapped air inside the condom.

Is Durex mutual climax dotted?

Durex Mutual Climax makes sure you do more, together. Consists of a ribbed & dotted design so that you feel everything, all at once.

Does Durex mutual climax have spermicide?

So there are no unpleasant distractions and you can just relax and enjoy with your partner. These condoms have lubricated vesicles and non-spermicidal lubricant .

How do climax delay condoms work?

These condoms contain a special lube known as Benzocaine. It helps a man to delay climax and prolong excitement for long lasting sex. The reservoir tip of these condoms have a suspending agent benzocaine, which can effectively prolong ejaculation.

What size are mutual climax condoms?

Durex Mutual Climax Condoms have a width of 56mm and a length of 195mm when unrolled. This means that they’re a little roomier than the average condom, ideal for those who find that condoms are usually a little too tight.

Does extra time condoms work?

Any condom that is labelled as “Extra time” or “Long Lasting” it definitely is going to help you experience a long-lasting sexual encounter in bed with your doe. Extra time condoms are either thick or contain a small amount of numbing gel at the tip (Benzocaine), to defer your climax as much as possible.

Is mutual climax ribbed?

Discover Durex Mutual Climax Designed With Both You And Your Partner In Mind. The Performa Lubricant Helps Slow Him Down, While The Ribbed And Dotted Design Helps Speed Her Up For A Closer, Synced Connection. The Easy-On Shape Is For Comfort And Fit.

Is mutual climax safe?

Climax delay condoms also undergo the same quality control tests as the normal condoms and so are perfectly safe to use.

Are climax delay condoms good?

Along with safety, you can now add fun and excitement to your sexual experiences with condoms that are specially designed to prolong your pleasures. Are these condoms safe to use? Climax delay condoms also undergo the same quality control tests as the normal condoms and so are perfectly safe to use.