Who is the owner of Pegasus?

Who is the owner of Pegasus?

NSO Group

Type Private
Founders Omri Lavie Shalev Hulio Niv Karmi (Left the company one month after its inception)
Headquarters Herzliya , Israel
Key people Shalev Hulio (CEO)
Products Pegasus

Is Pegasus a real airline?

Pegasus Airlines (Turkish: Pegasus Hava Taşımacılığı A.Ş.) (BİST: PGSUS) is a Turkish low-cost carrier headquartered in the Kurtköy area of Pendik, Istanbul with bases at several Turkish airports.

Who owns Blue Jet?

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes has the top individual ownership of the airline’s shares, owning more than 823,000 shares. Joel Peterson, former JetBlue chair of the board, has the second-highest share ownership, holding over 527,000 shares.

Who rode the Pegasus?

With Athena’s (or Poseidon’s) help, another Greek hero, Bellerophon, captured Pegasus and rode him first in his fight with the Chimera and later while he was taking vengeance on Stheneboea (Anteia), who had falsely accused Bellerophon.

Which countries need visa for Montenegro?

Montenegrin citizens can enter, without a visa, some of the countries whose citizens are granted visa-free access to Montenegro but require a visa for Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Azerbaijan (grants eVisa), Bahamas, Barbados, Brunei, Canada, El Salvador, Grenada (grants visa on arrival), Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland …

Does Montenegro have airlines?

Montenegro Airlines a.d. (Serbo-Croatian: Montenegro erlajns / Монтенегро ерлајнс) was the flag carrier of Montenegro, headquartered in Podgorica….Montenegro Airlines.

Hubs Podgorica Airport
Secondary hubs Tivat Airport
Frequent-flyer program Vision Team
Fleet size 4

What is Pegasus a symbol of?

The symbolism of Pegasus, the hoofed master of the ground and winged master of the air, continues to represent speed, strength, and artistic inspiration. Encompassing beauty and a sense of majesty, it is a guide for humankind beyond the physical world to the realm where the spirit can soar without limit.

What is Pegasus myth?

Pegasus, in Greek mythology, a winged horse that sprang from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus.