How do I get the current post content in WordPress?

How do I get the current post content in WordPress?

“get post content wordpress” Code Answer’s

  1. $post_id = 5// example post id.
  2. $post_content = get_post($post_id);
  3. $content = $post_content->post_content;
  4. echo apply_filters(‘the_content’,$content);

How do I get a post title in WordPress?

Therefore, there are two steps to fetch the title of the post using get_post.

  1. Create the object of get_post.
  2. Output the title by calling the post_title variable.

How do I get the contents of a page in WordPress?

$page_id = 6; //Page ID $page_data = get_page( $page_id ); //store page title and content in variables $title = $page_data->post_title; $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $page_data->post_content); //display the title and content echo $title; echo $content; Rinse and repeat to include content from multiple pages.

How do I find post excerpt in WordPress?

To add it, you must either modify the raw $post->post_excerpt manually in your template before calling the_excerpt(), add a filter for ‘get_the_excerpt’ with a priority lower than 10, or add a filter for ‘wp_trim_excerpt’ (comparing the first and second parameter, because a user-supplied excerpt does not get altered in …

How do I see post description in WordPress?

Check if Your WordPress Theme Supports Post Excerpts Simply click the ‘Blog/Archive’ menu option. After that, scroll down to the bottom of the menu to the ‘Post Content’ section. Then, click the ‘Excerpt’ button. That’s it!

How do I get post excerpt?

What is post content in WordPress?

Posts are used to create blog content, articles, and other content listed on your blog page. They’re shown in reverse chronological order, so that the newest content is shown at the top of the list. If you are using WordPress as a blog, then you’ll likely end up using posts for the majority of your website content.