How many chiefs are in Zambia?

How many chiefs are in Zambia?

The Government of Zambia recognizes 4 Paramount chiefs, 43 Senior chiefs and 241 Chiefs.

Who is the biggest chief in Zambia?

Paramount Chief Mpezeni is the King of the Ngoni people of Zambia’s Eastern Province and Malawi’s Mchinji district.

What tribes are in Central Province?

Traditional Ceremonies

CENTRAL PROVINCE Ichibwela Mushi Bisa/Swaka/Lala
Musaka Jikubi Kaonde
Kulamba Kubwalo Lenje
Ikubi Lya Malumbe-Munyama Kaonde Ila

What tribes are found in Southern Province?

The Batonga are the largest ethnic group in the Province. A rail line and the Lusaka-Livingstone road forms the principal transport axis of the province, running through its centre and its farming towns: Kalomo, Choma, Pemba, Monze, and Mazabuka.

What is the largest tribe in Zambia?

The nation of Zambia has 73 tribes with the Bemba being the largest, making up approximately 36 per cent of the population. They have a unique history and a fascinating culture. This is an introduction to Zambia’s Bemba tribe.

What are the 72 tribes of Zambia?


  • Ambo.
  • Aushi.
  • Bemba.
  • Bisa.
  • Chewa.
  • Chikunda.
  • Cishinga.
  • Chokwe.

What is the best traditional ceremony in Zambia?

Zambian Traditional Ceremonies.

Likumbi Lya Mize Zambezi luvale
Lunda Lubanza Zambezi Lunda
Lubinda Ntongo kalumbila Kaonde
Chisemwa Cha Lunda Mwinilunga Lunda

What is the biggest traditional ceremony in Zambia?

Quite possibly the biggest and best known traditional ceremony in the country, Kuomboka is an ancient ritual of the Lozi people and, after a three year hiatus, is back on April 8th 2017. It is a colourful and exciting event that attracts thousands from all over the world to witness Zambian culture at its best.

What are the two rivers found in Central Province of Zambia?

Lukanga Swamp is a permanent swamp covering 1,850 km2 at the mouths and along the Lukanga and Kafue rivers. It contains many lagoons like Lake Chiposhye and Lake Suye.

Which province is the largest in Zambia?

Western Province
Primary data. Western Province was the largest in terms of area, having 126,386 km2, while Lusaka was the smallest with 21,896 km2. In terms of population, Lusaka was the most populated and most densely populated with a population of 2,191,225 and densf 100 persons per km2.

Where did most Zambian tribes come from?

These Bantu people spent the majority of their existence in what is today the Democratic Republic of Congo and are ancestors of the majority of modern Zambians.