What is a breakaway gate?

What is a breakaway gate?

The perfect solution to reduce maintenance costs, DoorKing’s Breakaway Hardware Kit for Model 1601 Barrier Gate Operators prevents costly arm replacements by allowing the arm to swing out of the way in the event that a vehicle fails to stop. The system is easily reset by simply snapping the arm back into place.

What is a barrier arm?

The barrier arm is a multi-purpose entry drop-arm that controls traffic while providing an anti-ram obstacle to protect from potential vehicular threats.

How do manual arm access barriers function?

Manual Arm Barrier This barrier is ideal for areas where access only needs to be restricted during certain times of the day. The barrier can be locked in the raised and lowered positions offering complete peace of mind when the parking area is not in use.

Why is it called boom barrier?

The word “boom” is the Dutch word for tree. German is similar: “baum.” Remember “O Tannenbaum,” a Christmas carol of German origin? From these roots, we get the word “beam” as in a long wooden timber, and of course, a part of a sailboat, the “boom,” that holds the foot of the sail and was traditionally made of wood.

What is parking barrier?

Parking barriers are designed to provide secure access to cars utilising your car park facilities. By combining ANPR technology with a parking barrier you can ensure both residential and commercial users enter and exit your premises safely and efficiently – creating an all-round seamless experience.

What are barrier stops made out of?

Manufactured from galvanised mild steel with an aluminium arm, the body of the barrier is coated blue as standard.

What are access barriers?

Barriers to access are conditions or obstacles that prevent individuals with disabilities from using or accessing knowledge and resources as effectively as individuals without disabilities.

What are parking garage gates called?

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point.

How does an automatic boom barrier work?

Automatic Boom gates are also known boom barriers. They are more like a bar or a pole rather than an actual gate. It consists of a long arm that lowers automatically to block the path of incoming vehicles. The vehicles are allowed to pass by raising the bar once they present a pass, enter a code or pay a toll.

What is barrier gate system?

Boom gate or barrier gate systems use a bar to block vehicle traffic. Typically the tip of the barrier arm rises to allow entry or exit access. From airports to office buildings,and parking ramps barrier gates efficiently manage vehicle traffic.