Did Mikan ever find Hotaru?

Did Mikan ever find Hotaru?

Hotaru is reunited with Mikan when Mikan and Natsume escape from the Elementary Principal and they promise that they will meet up again as Hotaru stays behind to fight the academy police.

Who does Mikan Sakura end up with?

Four years later, Natsume reunited with Mikan and helps her regain her memories, and they share a happy reunion. They rekindle their relationship and begin wearing matching engagement rings. After Mikan graduated from the academy, she and Natsume get married.

How is Ruka different from Narumi?

Ruka has the Animal Pheromone Alice the opposite of Narumi ‘s Alice. His Alice makes animals adore him and do his bidding. While using his alice Ruka is shown to also have an adoring side to the animals. Ruka also is Ruka using his Alice on a bear. able to understand what animals say.

Why does Ruka love Natsume?

He admitts to Mikan that he loves her but he tells her that Natsume is the only one for her and he will support them because he loves them both very much. Like many Alice children, Ruka was targeted by the academy and went through several kidnappings. All this caused his mother to be very protective of him.

What does Ruka wear on his collar?

He also wears red plaid pants and black boots. Ruka doesn’t wear his three stars on his collar (thinking he didn’t deserve it) and he later threw them out saying he’s like Mikan, a No-Star. Ruka is a little nicer and can be considered more bearable than his best friend Natsume.

Why does Ruka go to the hospital in Alice Festival?

Ruka’s Somatic Class is one of the most popular classes during the Alice Festival, so he has to help out a lot. However, he escapes during class to see Natsume, who skipped and is not allowed to participate in the festival. Along with Sumire and Youichi, Ruka goes to the hospital to see Natsume, who has fallen sick due to his illness.