What episode does Carmen dance for Shane?

What episode does Carmen dance for Shane?

“The L Word” Lap Dance (TV Episode 2005) – IMDb.

What episode does Shane and Carmen meet?

Life, Loss, Leaving
First met: The relationship between Carmen de la Pica Morales and Shane McCutcheon began when they met and started sleeping together in “Life, Loss, Leaving”.

What episode Carmen leave Shane?

Shane and Carmen’s relationship came to an abrupt end during the season three finale when Shane leaves her fiancee at the altar.

Why is Marina not in season 2 of The L Word?

At the time, Showtime said Lombard wasn’t returning for Season Two because of “serious and paralyzing creative differences.” Fans were despondent, raising $3k towards a Save Marina ad campaign and launching a petition.

Do Bette and Tina get back together in season 2?

Tina begins seeing Helena, while Bette’s life is portrayed as a wreck, with alcohol abuse, problems with her job, the death of her father and being fired during the season finale. Tina and Bette reconcile during the final episode.

Is there a season 3 of The L Word Generation Q?

Showtime has officially renewed the series for season 3! Created by Ilene Chaiken, the spin-off series follows the lives and loves of new and original LGBTQ+ characters from the original The L Word series in Los Angeles.

Who was the best couple in The L Word?

The L Word: 5 Best Couples (And 5 Worst)

  1. 1 Worst – Jenny and Tim.
  2. 2 Best – Helena and Dusty.
  3. 3 Worst – Kit and Angus.
  4. 4 Best – Alice and Tasha.
  5. 5 Worst – Jenny and Max.
  6. 6 Best – Alice and Dana.
  7. 7 Worst – Shane and Jenny.
  8. 8 Best – Bette and Tina.

Who does Alice end up with L Word?

At the end of Season 6, Alice gave her on-again, off-again girlfriend Tasha (Rose Rollins) an ultimatum. She could either choose Alice or run off with her fling Jamie (Mei Melançon). Tasha ultimately chose Alice at Bette and Tina’s going away party, but that’s exactly when tragedy struck.

Is Tina really pregnant in The L Word?

Laurel Holloman Bisexual Mom: Laurel Holloman has a daughter Lola Reiko Macherey who was born in November 2004. Her real life pregnancy coincided with Tina’s pregnancy on The L Word. Her daughter appeared on the show in season 3, episode one where they all sing, “Hello to Lola, so glad to see you” while at a daycare.

Do Marina and Jenny get together?

Marina has a short relationship with Jenny. We later find out, after she has already left the show, that Marina is married to a man; this, along with her attempted suicide and institutionalization, is used to explain the quick departure of the actress playing her.