Can you breed perfect IVs?

Can you breed perfect IVs?

Catching Pokémon with good IVs The harder it is, the more perfect IVs it will have. Even better, you can grab a Ditto from a harder raid to get a three or four IV one. From there, you can just breed whatever perfect IV Pokémon you want.

What are the odds of breeding a 6IV Pokemon?

2 Answers. will produce a 31/31/31/31/31/31 Pokemon 1.8229% of the time or 1 out of every 54.8571 eggs! So you will get a 6 IV offspring after hatching approximately 55 eggs. This is assuming that you have one 6 IV parent and one 5 IV parent, with one of them holding a Destiny Knot.

What happens if you breed 2 6IV Pokémon?

Also, if you were to breed a 5IV with a 6IV ditto, the odds of hatching a 6IV drop down by half. And breeding two 6IV pokemon together the odds are 1/31. Again, assuming one of the pokemon is holding destiny knot. 1/252,525 chance of hatching a shiny 6IV.

How does breeding work in Pokemon White?

In order to breed Pokemon, you must put two correctly matched Pokemon in the Day Care. The Day Care is located on Route 3, which means you won’t be able to breed in Black 2 and White 2 until after the Pokemon League.

Does everstone pass down IVs?

Breeding a Pokémon with the right Nature – using one of the Nature Dittos you just caught. Breeding that Pokémon with one 4IV Ditto – using the Everstone and Destiny Knot to pass on Natures and five random IVs, until that Pokémon has IVs that are at least as good as one of your two 4IV Dittos.

Can a 2/5 IV make a 6IV?

First, it is worth mentioning that there is no way to guarantee offspring with 6 IVs. No matter your method of passing IVs or what parents you are using, there is always the possibility of a stray IV that will be left to chance.

How do you breed perfect IVs in Gen 4?

1 Answer. There’s no way of getting 4 perfect IVs except luck before Gen 6. You can use the power items to pass down one perfect IV, but getting a perfect IV to start with is really hard in any Gen previous to 6. IVs also don’t stack like they do in Gen 6.

What are the odds of getting a 6IV shiny Pokémon?

The chance of a pokemon hatching shiny is 1/512. The chance of the pokemon hatching with 6 perfect IVs is 1/31.