Did George Washington go to Phillips Academy?

Did George Washington go to Phillips Academy?

The Original Phillips President George Washington visited the Academy during its first year, and spoke in 1789 as part of his tour of New England.

What presidents went to Phillips Academy?

It has educated a long list of notable alumni through its history, including American presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, foreign heads of state, numerous members of Congress, five Nobel laureates and six Medal of Honor recipients.

Where do Andover students go to college?

There’s a reason the Harvard Crimson called Andover a Harvard feeder school. For the past three years more than 20 Andover students have gotten into each of the following top schools: Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, MIT, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Yale University.

Did George Washington go to Andover?

Whether it was for a single meal or for years of education, Andover boasts an impressive history of presidential presence. Washington came through Andover on Nov. 5, 1789, on his tour of the eastern states following his inauguration.

Is Phillips Exeter or Andover better?

Exeter traditionally educated its students for Harvard, much as Andover traditionally educated its students for Yale (despite being in the same state as Harvard)….Andover–Exeter rivalry.

Andover–Exeter Football Match
Participants Andover Exeter
Most successful Andover (73–54–10)
Biggest winning margin Exeter (1914: 78–7)

What celebrities went to Phillips Exeter Academy?

Phillips Exeter Academy Notable Alumni

  • 1 Mark Zuckerberg. 310 202. Listed In: Business People.
  • 2 Dan Brown. 15 4. Listed In: Writers.
  • 3 Gore Vidal. 11 3. Listed In: Writers.
  • 4 Erik Per Sullivan. 20 6.
  • 5 H. H. Holmes. 84 23.
  • 6 Daniel Webster. 17 3.
  • 7 Alessandro Nivola. 6 4.
  • 8 Frederick Winslow Taylor. 3 1.

How much does Phillips Exeter cost per year?

Phillips Exeter Academy
Budget $107 million (2017-2018)
Annual tuition $57,563 (boarding) $44,960 (day)
Affiliations Eight Schools Association G30 Schools Ten Schools Admissions Organization
Alumni Old Exonians