Who was the Augustine vampire?

Who was the Augustine vampire?

Damon became an Augustine vampire in the episode Total Eclipse of the Heart. Damon was the only known Augustine Vampire in existence until Elena became one in Gone Girl. They were both cured of the virus in While You Were Sleeping.

Does Enzo ever find Maggie?

She fell in love with Enzo St. John while observing him during his time as an Augustine test subject, a feeling that was quite mutual. However, she met an unfortunate end when she was killed by Damon Salvatore.

How long was Enzo imprisoned with the Augustine society?

Enzo and Maggie during his stay in the Augustine cells. Enzo was found by the Whitmore family after he left his post in Eastern Europe during WWII. He was imprisoned by Dr. Whitmore, who shipped him overseas in a coffin and forced him to endure his torture and experimentation for ten years.

Who is Grayson Gilbert?

Grayson Gilbert was Jeremy Gilbert’s father, Elena Gilbert’s uncle/adoptive father, and the husband of Miranda Sommers-Gilbert. On May 23, 2009, Grayson and Miranda drowned after their car ran off of Wickery Bridge and into the lake. He died in place of Elena.

How do Damon and Elena get out of Augustine?

Elena became an Augustine vampire in the episode Gone Girl after she was injected with an modified version of the Ripper Compound. Her boyfriend, Damon, was injected with the original compound. Elena was later cured of the compound with an antidote.

Did Bonnie forgive Stefan?

While Cade and Bonnie’s psychic powers are battling, Stefan uses the dagger on Cade and kills him. A psychic blast from Cade’s death sends Damon’s soul back into his body. Bonnie makes it clear that she hasn’t forgiven Stefan, but he tells her that he won’t give up on her forgiveness.

Who turned Lillian Salvatore?

When Lily was very sick with consumption, she was sent away by Giuseppe. An unknown nurse (who was assumed to have been a vampire) had fed her vampire blood while she was held in the TB ward. Lily did end up dying of consumption, triggering her transformation into a vampire.