Mixed Who is the voice on the money supermarket advert?

Who is the voice on the money supermarket advert?

Who is the voice on the money supermarket advert?

Matt Berry
Berry in 2008
Born Matthew Charles Berry 2 May 1974 Bromham, Bedfordshire, England
Occupation Actor comedian musician writer
Years active 1998–present

What is the money supermarket advert about?

Discussing the creative idea, Ian Heartfield, creative founder at NCA, called it “a tongue-in-cheek Bond/Mission Impossible/Ghostbusters mash-up. Energetic, fun, loud, and unapologetically direct with its message to tell Britain they can save more money on more things.”

What is the classical music in the money supermarket advert?

Although it’s a little difficult to identify this classical piano MoneySuperMarket advert music because it’s playing so faintly in the background, we believe the song is ‘Piano Concerto No. 21 – Andante’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as opposed to ‘Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op.

Why is there a bull in the MoneySuperMarket advert?

Campaign was created by Engine. has created a new bull mascot to illustrate how the brand can help people stay calm when faced with the impending doom of bills.

Is Matt Berry the voice of Advil?

Berry has done commercial work before. Most recently, he’s been the voice-over for a very effective Advil campaign, which leverages his ability to sound authoritative while also emphasizing an underlying sense of absurdity.

What is Money Super Seven?

Meet the MoneySuperSeven Squad. Introducing our handpicked squad of seven saving specialists, all working from their secret headquarters at MoneySuperMarket. Together, they’re on a mission to save you money. Previous. Saving specialty: Pet insurance Cool, caring and quietly Super Saving you £200*

Is the bull in MoneySuperMarket ad real?

I wanted to ensure that we started every shoot day and every scene with a view that we could get the bull into the scene we were shooting and shoot him in there live interacting as you would see in the finished film, We had a backup plan with the VFX legends at Untold Studios in case of emergency, but ultimately though …

How old is Matberry?

47 years (May 2, 1974)Matt Berry / Age

Is Matt Berry in community?

Roger DeSalvo portrayed by Matt Berry. Roger DeSalvo was the name of the Grifting professor at Greendale Community College in 2015.