Who is the lady presenting the darts?

Who is the lady presenting the darts?

She has been the darts anchor for ITV Sport since 2015, hosting their live international PDC events….This article’s lead section may be too long for the length of the article.

Jacqui Oatley MBE
Years active 2002–present
Employer Freelance
Known for First female football commentator on Match of the Day
Spouse(s) husband

Who is the female presenter on the world darts championship?

Sky Sports Darts presenter, Laura Woods joined the party atmosphere at the 2021/22 PDC World Darts Championship and did not shy away from the task when spotted with a drink in her hand.

Who are the commentators on the world darts championship?

Laura Woods, Wayne Mardle, Laura Turner – PDC World Darts Championship commentary team profiled.

Who is presenting World darts 2021?

Presenters Michael Bridge and Dan Dawson are joined by legendary star Steve Beaton, who will be making a record 31st consecutive World Championship appearance this month.

Who is Emma Patton?

Emma Paton is a television presenter, reporter and journalist, best known as an anchor on Sky Sports News. Initially joining Sky Sports in 2012, Emma has worked her way up to become a mainstay on screen for Sky Sports News viewers and can be seen most days in the studio.

Who is Emma on the darts?

AWAY from the bright lights of the television studio, Emma Paton loves to run. In fact, that is quite the understatement – she competed at national level and was amongst the elite 400m runners in Great Britain.

Who is the voice of darts?

Sid Waddell
Sid Waddell (10 August 1940 – 11 August 2012) was an English sports commentator and television personality. He was nicknamed the ‘Voice of Darts’ due to his fame as a darts commentator, and worked for Granada, Yorkshire, BBC and Sky Sports.

Who was the famous darts commentator?

Who is the American commentator on the darts?

John Part
Personal information
Organisation (see split in darts)
BDO 1993–1997
PDC 1997–2020

Is Laura Woods at the darts?

One of those lucky ones there is Laura Woods, who is currently working as part of the Sky Sports punditry team for the tournament, and she showed no intention to shy away as she was spotted with a drink in hand.