Who is the fastest swimmer world record?

Who is the fastest swimmer world record?

Men’s records

Event Time Name
200 m butterfly 1:51.25 Kristóf Milák
200 m individual medley 1:54.23 Michael Phelps
400 m individual medley ♦4:03.84 Michael Phelps
4×100 m freestyle relay ♦3:08.24 Michael Phelps (47.51) Garrett Weber-Gale (47.02) Cullen Jones (47.65) Jason Lezak (46.06)

What is the fastest 12 year old swimmer?

12-year-old Hollie Widdows claimed the third fastest time of any swimmer in the Women’s 50m Freestyle as she won the 12/13 Years title at the Swim England National Summer Meet. Only 16 Years champion Annabel Smith and 17 Years and Over winner Lauren Cox went quicker than Widdows, who raced to the gold medal in 26.97s.

Is swimming a mile good?

For more experienced and competitive swimmers, that time could be halved when swimming a mile. The faster you swim or the more often you do sprints, the more calories you’ll burn, and the more you’ll get that full-body workout. Swimming raises your heart rate, building endurance and cardiovascular health.

How many calories do you burn swimming a mile?

If you swim slowly, it will take you longer to cover a Mile (we use : 1 Mile is equal to 33 laps of 50 meter) and you’ll therefore burn less calories per hour. If a faster and a slower swimmer both swim 1 Mile, they will burn roughly the same number of calories: approximately 531.

Who is faster Michael Phelps vs Caeleb Dressel?

The 50-meter short course saw Dressel setting a time of 20.16 while Phelps set only a time of 23.04. Going onto the long course 100-meters freestyle competition, Dressel clocked 46.96 while Phelps managed to set a time of 47.51.

How fast is Michael Phelps?

Personal Best Results

Event Time Pool Length
Men 100 Freestyle 47.51 50m
Men 200 Freestyle 01:42.96 WR 50m
Men 400 Freestyle 03:50.53 50m
Men 100 Backstroke 53.17 50m

What college did Katie Ledecky go to?

Stanford UniversityKatie Ledecky / College