Who are the current members of the Snowbirds?

Who are the current members of the Snowbirds?

Snowbirds 2019

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Mike French (Commanding Officer)
  • Major Jean-François Dupont (Deputy Commanding Officer)
  • Chief Warrant Officer Greg Fleet (Squadron Chief Warrant Officer)
  • Captain Blake McNaughton (Flight Safety Officer)
  • # 1 Maj Denis Bandet.
  • # 2 Captain Sarah Dallaire.
  • # 3 Captain Stephen McKeen.

Who are the pilots of the Snowbirds 2020?

Air Display Flight

  • Snowbird 1 Team Lead: Major Brett Parker (Edmonton, AB)
  • Snowbird 2 Inner Right Wing: Capt Marc-André Plante (Chicoutimi, QC)
  • Snowbird 3 Inner Left Wing: Captain Arpit Mahajan (Delta, BC)
  • Snowbird 4 First Line Astern: Captain Patrice Powis-Clement (St.

What aircraft do the Canadian Snowbirds fly?

CT-114 Tutors
The Snowbirds are the first Canadian air demonstration team to be designated as a squadron. The show team flies 11 CT-114 Tutors: nine for aerobatic performances, including two solo aircraft, and two spares, flown by the team coordinators. Additionally, 13 are maintained in storage.

Why are the Snowbirds called Snowbirds?

The Snowbirds were named by elementary school student Douglas Farmer in 1971 following a “Name the Team” contest held at the local Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw school. The team’s first show as the “Snowbirds” took place on July 11, 1971, in Moose Jaw at the Saskatchewan Homecoming Air Show.

Can Canadian Snowbirds go to Florida?

In North America, many of these “snowbirds” come from Canada, and they fly, drive or hitch a train ride to southern U.S. states — one of which being the Sunshine State of Florida. Similar to their avian namesakes, snowbirds only stay in their balmy, winter escapes temporarily.

How many crew are in a Snowbird jet?

The Snowbird team comprises approximately 85 personnel representing each of Canada’s military services: the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Army. The longest serving member of the Snowbirds is Marg Fowler, a civilian, who has been with the squadron for 35 years.

How old are Snowbird planes?

The Snowbirds were first created in 1971 and have performed at airshows in Canada and the U.S. for decades. They fly the Canadair CT-114 Tutor, a jet that was used by the Canadian Forces as “basic pilot-training aircraft” between 1963 and 2000.

How many planes are in the Snowbirds?

The Snowbirds have become an iconic part of the Canadian national fabric – the nine red, white and blue jets flying over Parliament Hill every Canada Day, over the Canadian Football League’s annual Grey Cup classic and over the fields, beaches and cities of Canada.