Where do Jews live in Illinois?

Where do Jews live in Illinois?

As of 2013, Illinois has a Jewish population of 297,935. Approximately three-fourths of them live in Chicago. Peoria and Quincy have the second- and third-largest Jewish communities.

What are the Jewish suburbs of Chicago?

The contiguous Jewish communities included West Rogers Park/West Ridge and the lakefront area ranges from the Chicago Loop to Rogers Park. In that year, the Hyde Park-Kenwood area has a population of Jews.

What percent of Illinois is Jewish?

Jewish Population by State 2022

State Jewish Population % of State Population
California 1,187,990 3.00%
Nevada 76,300 2.50%
Pennsylvania 434,165 2.30%
Illinois 297,735 2.30%

Does Chicago have a lot of Jews?

The Jewish population of Chicago has grown modestly since 2010: 319,600 Jewish adults and children live in 175,800 Jewish households.

What is Albany Park?

The Story of Albany Park When Chicago was incorporated in 1837, Albany Park was unsettled wilderness eight miles northwest of the city. The first permanent settlers arrived in the 1840s, farming the land and eventually establishing a brickyard by the Chicago River and a horse racing track. Watch: Albany Park.

How many Jews live in the Chicago area?

The 2020 estimate of the Chicago Jewish population is 319,600 Jewish adults and children who live in 175,800 Jewish households. An additional 100,700 non-Jewish individuals live in these households, for a total of 420,300 people in Jewish households.

Is Highland Park IL rich?

9. Highland Park. In Highland Park, over 55% of the households earn at least $100,000 while 28% make more than $200,000 in a year. Lovers of nature should immediately think about relocating to Highland Park and take advantage of the several hiking trails.