When was the election of provincial assembly held?

When was the election of provincial assembly held?

Provincial elections were held in British India in January 1946 to elect members of the legislative councils of British Indian provinces. The consummation of British rule in India were the 1945/1946 elections.

How many seats did Awami League get in the central election of 1970?

The result was a victory for the Awami League, which gained an absolute majority, winning 160 of the 162 general seats and all seven women’s seats in East Pakistan.

Who became the chief minister of East Pakistan after the provincial election of 1954?

The United Front coalition, led by the Krishak Praja Party and the Awami League, routed the Muslim League during the provincial general election in 1954. The Farmer and Labour Party leader A. K. Fazlul Huq became chief minister for six weeks.

Who is the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh?

The modern office of Prime Minister was established following the declaration of independence of East Pakistan with the Provisional Government of Bangladesh on 17 April 1971, of which Tajuddin Ahmad became the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

When did Bhutto became president?

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Quaid-e-Awam Zulfikar Ali Bhutto ذُوالفِقار علی بُھٹّو
Bhutto c. 1971
4th President of Pakistan Chief Martial Law Administrator
In office 20 December 1971 – 13 August 1973
Vice President Nurul Amin (1971–72) None (1972–73)

Who was last governor of East Pakistan?

East Pakistan

East Pakistan পূর্ব পাকিস্তান (Bengali) مشرقی پاکستان (Urdu)
• 1960–1962 Zakir Husain
• 1962–1969 Abdul Monem Khan
• 1969 Mirza Nurul Huda
• 1969, 1971 Lt Gen, Sahabzada Yaqub Khan

When was Bangladesh divided?

Indian independence, on 15 August 1947, ended over 150 years of British influence in the Indian Subcontinent. East Pakistan became the independent country of Bangladesh after the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.