What years did Honda make 45 hp outboards?

What years did Honda make 45 hp outboards?

In 1990 Honda released 35 hp and 45 hp four-stroke models. They continued to lead in the development of four-stroke engines throughout the 1990s as US and European exhaust emissions regulations such as CARB (California Air Resources Board) led to the proliferation of four-stroke outboards.

How fast does a 40 horsepower boat go?

40 hp – = 28 mph. 50 hp – = 31 mph. 60 hp – = 33 mph. 70 hp – = 36 mph.

How much does a Mercury 50 hp motor cost?

MERCURY 50HP EFI 4-STROKE OUTBOARD (Listed Fri, 09 Feb 18)$8,869. Available Models: 50 ELPT EFI – 20 Inch Shaft. Unbridled power, unexpectedly compact, uncompromising reliability, unbelievable fuel efficiency.

Who makes the lightest 40 hp outboard motor?

Tohatsu MFS 40 ETL
Tohatsu MFS 40 ETL It is the lightest 40HP four-stroke engine currently available in the market. The engine speed can be adjusted on 4 levels from 950 to 650 rpm (100 rpm level) by simply pressing the ignition key.

Did Honda make 2-stroke outboards?

Honda began selling outboard motors to power small boats in 1964. At the time, the mainstream market was for two-stroke engines, which were light and inexpensive, but had the environmental disadvantage of discharging engine oil into the water.

How fast should a 40hp outboard go?

A 40hp Pontoon boat with an average load of people can expect to reach speeds of around 10 – 15 mph.

How much is a 450 hp Mercury outboard?

$54,000 to $64,000
You’ll pay for that power. Pricing for the 450R ranges from $54,000 to $64,000, depending on gear case and other options—about 50 percent more than the Mercury Racing 400R.

How much does a 40 hp Suzuki outboard weight?

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Overall length (front to back) 756 (29.8)
Overall height L 1390 (54.7)
Weight (without engine oil) S 106 (234)
L 109 (240)
Transom height S 401 (15)