What two countries are separated by the Gulf of Bothnia?

What two countries are separated by the Gulf of Bothnia?

Gulf of Bothnia, Swedish Bottniska Viken, Finnish Pohjan Lahti, northern arm of the Baltic Sea, between Sweden (west) and Finland (east).

Who owns the Gulf of Bothnia?

The Bothnian Bay has a catchment area of 260,675 square kilometres (100,647 sq mi). Of this, 56% lies in Finland, 44% in Sweden and less than 1% in Norway. The catchment contains about 11,500,000 hectares (28,000,000 acres) of forest, split roughly equally between Sweden and Finland.

Where is Bothnia?

The Gulf of Bothnia (/ˈbɒθniə/; Finnish: Pohjanlahti; Swedish: Bottniska viken, also divided as Bothnian Bay + Bothnian Sea) is the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea. It is situated between Finland’s west coast (Ostrobothnia) and Sweden’s east coast (Westrobothnia and North Bothnia).

Is the Gulf of Bothnia salty?

The salinity ranges from about 1–2 per mille in the innermost part of the Gulf of Bothnia to 10–15 per mille in the Bornholm Sea. Total vertical mixing takes place during winter in at least the northern parts of the sea.

What Sea is between Finland and Sweden?

the Baltic Sea
Bothnian Sea, Swedish Bottenhavet, Finnish Selkämeri, the southern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, the northern arm of the Baltic Sea, which lies between Finland and Sweden.

Who controls Gulf of Finland?

Gulf of Finland
Basin countries Estonia Finland Russia
Max. length 400 km (250 mi)
Max. width 130 km (81 mi)
Surface area 30,000 km2 (12,000 sq mi)

What fish are in the Gulf of Bothnia?

The long coast of the Gulf of Bothnia The most important game species for sports fishing in the coastal area include pike and perch. Island areas are splendid for fishing pike. The magnificent Kvarken Archipelago off the coast of Vaasa is a famous perch area and full of pike as well.

Are there whales in the Gulf of Bothnia?

Critically endangered populations of Atlantic white-sided dolphins and harbor porpoises inhabit the sea where white-colored porpoises have been recorded, and occasionally oceanic and out-of-range species such as minke whales, bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, orcas, and beaked whales visit the waters.

Does the Gulf of Bothnia freeze?

In mild winters the Sea of Bothnia doesn’t freeze at all and the Gulf of Finland only gets a partial ice cover. In severe winters the ice reaches the Danish Sounds and the central Baltic Proper. The last area that freezes up is an area north-east of Bornholm in the Southern Baltic Sea.

What is the meaning of Bothnia?

[ both-nee-uh ] SHOW IPA. / ˈbɒθ ni ə / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. Gulf of, an arm of the Baltic Sea, extending N between Sweden and Finland.

Is the Gulf of Finland frozen?

Does Finland have sharks?

The most common species of shark in the Baltic are the spurdog (spiny dogfish), the thorny skate, and the small-spotted catshark. Also found are blue and porbeagle sharks, blackmouth dogfish, thornback rays and bluntnose sixgill sharks and the “common” varieties of skate, stingray and angel shark.