What spark plug does a Honda XR100R take?

What spark plug does a Honda XR100R take?

Additional Information

Manufacturer NGK Spark Plug
Part Number PUCR7HSA
Notice N/A

What year is a Honda XR100R?

Honda XR100R

A 2001 Honda XR100R
Manufacturer Honda
Production 1985–2005
Successor Honda CRF100
Class Off road

What spark plug does a XR80 take?

NGK Resistor Sparkplug CR7HSA for Honda XR80R 1990-2003.

What spark plug does a CRF 80 take?

BBR Jetting Chart

Displacement 79.7cc
Spark Plug NGK CR6HSA
Valve Clearance IN: .002″ EX: .002″
Carb/main jet/pilot jet 20mm Keihin / 90 main / 35 pilot
Transmission ratios 2.692 / 1.823 / 1.400 / 1.130 / 0.960

What was the difference between a XR100R and a XR100?

From ’81 to ’84, while the XR’s look evolved, Honda made few substantive changes until ’85 when it introduced the first XR100R. The primary difference was a major upgrade in rear suspension from the traditional, dual rear coil-over unit to the more race-like, single rear coil-over and redesigned swing arm.

What’s the difference between a Honda XR100 and a Honda XR100R?

The difference between the Honda XR100R and the Honda XR100 is Nothing, besides the added letter. After 1985 XR100R is the actual name designation that Honda gave this dirt bike. Many people just use XR100 to shorten it up and save time when typing it in or saying it out loud.

What age is a Honda XR100R for?

It’s designed for teens, young adults, women, or any shorter rider that wants to learn how to ride a dirt bike with a clutch. It is big enough for adults to use as a pit bike, yet has a short enough seat height for a kid (just over 30″).

What is the difference between a Honda XR100 and XR100R?

What does CRF stand for on a Honda dirt bike?

CR stands for close ratio, refering to the type of bike, (constantly having to shift, less powerband) Also, XR stands for extended ratio,(being able to ride in same gear, broud powerband) THus,CRF means close ratio fourstroke.