What size tuba mouthpiece should I get?

What size tuba mouthpiece should I get?

Wide, round mouthpieces tend to be more comfortable, allowing the tuba to be played for longer amounts of time, while sharp and narrow rims are far more precise. If you’re looking for a dark, rich tone, opt for a mouthpiece with a large cup. Alternately, small, shallow cups can brighten tone and relieve fatigue.

What mouthpiece does a tuba have?

Comparison Chart of Tuba Mouthpiece Sizes

Brand Model Throat
Yamaha Canadian Brass 8.55mm
Yamaha 68B 7.5mm
Yamaha Jim Self 8mm
Yamaha Bobo Sym 7.5mm

What is the purpose of the mouthpiece on the tuba?

In order to make a sound on the tuba, the player must place his or her lips against the mouthpiece and blow. For many players, the mouthpiece is the most important part of the tuba because it’s the first point of contact.

What is tuba mouthpiece made of?

Tuba mouthpieces are usually made of brass with most mouthpieces available made from silver-plated brass which has become the traditional and professional aesthetic. For beginners, there are plastic mouthpieces which are easy to break in and to learn the basics on but the sound is not as good.

Are tuba mouthpieces universal?

It is a really universal mouthpiece and I would highly recommend. The plating on the shank has worn off slightly, but that’s to be expected with very regular use.

What sizes are available for the tuba?

Because tubas come in a variety of different sizes, manufacturers came up with a system to categorize the instrument into four common sizes: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4. These sizes correspond to each manufacturer’s instrument line.

What is the standard length of a mouthpiece?

Mouthpiece design

No. Mouthpiece element Typical size/nature (Trumpet)
1. Inner rim diameter 16 mm (0.63 in)
2. Rim width 5, 6 or 7 mm (0.20, 0.24 or 0.28 in)
3. Rim contour Varied
4. Rim edge (or bite) Varied

What is a 5 4 tuba?

A 5/4 tuba has a bell throat that measures between 17-18.5 inches in circumference at the ferrule. That’s the official rule. 6/4 18.5+

How long is a tuba mouthpiece?

Standard American Shank 520″ to . 524″. Most common size in North America. Used on Bach, most Schilke, and Conn Helleberg tuba mouthpieces.