What phone is compatible with Metro?

What phone is compatible with Metro?

AT phones have GSM bands so any android, iPhone or Windows phone that has been network unlocked from AT should work on Metro PCS.

Can I buy a phone from Best Buy and activate it at MetroPCS?

Best buy has their own carriers but you can activate it for metro by calling the metropcs number or going through the my metro app and follow the directions. It can use the same sim card you already have for your current metro phone.

Does Metro offer deals to existing customers?

Take 50% Off Select Devices w/ New Added Line. Add a new line to your existing service and receive up to a 50% discount on devices including MetroSMART Ride, Alcatel JOY TAB, or the MetroSMART Hotspot with this limited time Metro by T-Mobile promo. Some restrictions apply.

Can you buy a phone from T-Mobile and use it for MetroPCS?

No. T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate separately with independent pricing and special offers.

Can I put my MetroPCS SIM card in another phone?

MetroPCS, also known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a prepaid cellphone service available from T-Mobile USA. If you move your service and MetroPCS number to a new phone, you must put a MetroPCS SIM card in the new phone and go through the MetroPCS activation process. You can do this online or in a MetroPCS store.

Does MetroPCS offer 5G?

Metro is powered by T‑Mobile––America’s largest 5G network. And while 5G grows, you can count on our 4G LTE network the connects 99% of Americans. See full terms.

Does MetroPCS have Google pixel?

While MetroPCS doesn’t offer the Google Pixel or Pixel XL directly, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it (as is the case for plenty of other compatible devices).

Can I upgrade my metro phone?

New or current Metro by T-Mobile customers with a qualifying transaction which includes: new activations, add-a-lines, or upgrades with a device purchase are eligible to trade in their phones.

How much is a upgrade at Metro?

MetroPCS offers this phone for $40 monthly for 24 months. You can upgrade on this phone for $225 payable in $9 monthly installments for 24 months. This is one of the best compatible phones of Metro PCS, which costs $179 and can be free if you switch to Metro PCS unlimited plan.