Mixed What is zip code for Roanoke Alabama?

What is zip code for Roanoke Alabama?

What is zip code for Roanoke Alabama?

36274Roanoke / Zip code

Is Roanoke Alabama a good place to live?

The city of Roanoke, Alabama is a very gracious town to live in. It is very peaceful and I would highly recommend anyone who is trying to get away from life in the big city to move there. Each year we have many people that move here from distant places.

What is valley Alabama ZIP code?

Valley/Zip codes

What city is closest to Roanoke AL?

Cities near Roanoke (Alabama)

81 miles: Atlanta
106 miles: Birmingham (Alabama)
94 miles: Stone Mountain
94 miles: Montgomery
86 miles: Decatur

What is the zip code for Randolph Alabama?

36792Randolph / Zip code

What is there to do in Roanoke AL?

Essential Roanoke

  • Tallapoosa Wilds. Gear Rentals.
  • Travel Yucatan. Taxis & Shuttles.
  • 2021. Biblical History Center. 258.
  • Hills & Dales Estate. 247. Historic Sites, Gardens.
  • Bellevue. Historic Sites.
  • Sweetland Amphitheatre. Theaters.
  • Troup County Archives and Legacy Museum on Main. History Museums.
  • LaGrange Art Museum. Art Museums.

How big is Roanoke Alabama?

19.12 mi²Roanoke / Area

What is the zip code for Phenix City Alabama?

Phenix City/Zip codes

Is Valley AL in Lee County?

Valley is a city in Chambers County, Alabama, United States.

What is the history of Roanoke Alabama?

Roanoke was originally called High Pine when it was settled in the early 1830s. The entire town was burned to the ground by the natives during the Creek uprising in 1836. The town was incorporated by an Act of Legislature on December 13, 1900.

What is Roanoke Alabama known for?

Ella Smith Doll Roanoke is located in east central Alabama and is the largest city in Randolph County. It has a mayor/city council form of government. Roanoke was the home of Ella Gantt Smith (1868-1932), creator and manufacturer of the Indestructible Doll, or Ella Smith Doll.