What is unique about moray eels?

What is unique about moray eels?

These are their nostrils. Due to their relatively poor eyesight, moray eels rely on their keen sense of smell to hunt. They are renowned for their ability to strike at lightning fast speed at night. Their favourite choice of prey is usually weakened or dead too.

How fast can moray eels swim?

American eel

length weight top speed (swimming)
1m 1.5kg 3.9km/h

Why is a moray eel an amazing animal?

The moray eel has an extraordinary pair of hidden chompers that it uses to attack its prey. Within its esophagus are two concealed pharyngeal jaws that help the moray eel seize its victim. Unlike most fish that use suction to consume their food, the moray goes through two steps.

How did the moray eel get its name?

The word moray derives from the Greek word muraina, which means a type of eel. It belongs to the Muraenidae family and the class Osteichthyes. There are 220 species that fall within 16 genera. These genera are divided into 2 subfamilies called Muraeninae and Uropterygiinae.

Are moray eels blind?

This species has poor eyesight, but its excellent sense of smell is used to ambush prey. Moray eels are the only fish to capture prey with outer teeth and use pharyngeal jaws in their throat (which push forward into its mouth) to pull prey into its stomach.

Can moray eels breathe air?

Marine life They may look like they laugh at you or to some they may even look threatening, but moray eels open and close their mouth to breathe by pumping water through their gills; the two openings behind their head.

How do moray eels see?

Although moray eels have large eyes, it is believed they do not see well; rather, they locate their prey using a very good sense of smell, and by feeling vibrations in the water around them. Moray eels often appear very menacing, as they almost constantly gape their mouths showing their teeth.

Can moray eels see?

Moray eel has large eyes, but does not see well. It has a good sense of smell, which helps it locate the prey. Like all other fish, moray eel breathe using the gills.

How long do moray eels live?

10-40 years
Reproduction of Moray Eels After about a year, the moray eel larvae are big enough to swim down to the ocean floor and hide in rocks and crevices. Moray eels will live on average 10-40 years.

Why is it called moray eel?