What is the responsibility of guest editor?

What is the responsibility of guest editor?

Following external review, the guest editor is responsible for conveying the editorial reviews to the individual authors and monitoring the revision process. The faculty editor has final responsibility for deciding on acceptance or rejection.

Is it worth being a guest editor?

The advantage of being a guest editor is that you can invite people to submit papers to the issue you are editing. If there is no fee charged to authors, then the invitees may view this as a favor. They might provide you with a favor in return. You can also invite authors who are likely to cite your own work.

What is guest editing?

Guest Editor role Editorial decisions are generally made by considering the advice of the peer reviewers following at least one round of peer review. Guest Editors and Editorial Board Members may provide advice on manuscripts submitted but are not always involved in the final decisions.

Are guest editors paid?

These positions are usually unpaid, but they offer important benefits. Your network will expand to include fellow editorial-board members around the country and the globe, and they could provide leads on professional opportunities or introduce you to new contacts in your discipline.

Are Mdpi editors paid?

Positions on our Editorial Boards are typically unpaid, but we find ways to reward our editors through free publications and support to participate in conferences and workshops. More details on Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Member responsibilities can be found at https://www.mdpi.com/editors.

Do scientific journal editors get paid?

“For most chemistry journals, the editor and associate editors receive some financial compensation for handling manuscripts and for travel representing the journal; however, compensation is generally minimal relative to the time invested in performing their editor duties.”

Do journals pay editors?

Therefore it is not uncommon for a journal to hire additional editorial assistance to help with article processing. Typically these ‘managing editors’ are on the direct payroll of the publisher and are paid a competitive salary for an editor.

What is the role of an editor in journalism?

An editor is the ‘boss’ of a newspaper and is ultimately responsible for what is published. Editors oversee the work of all the newspaper staff. They allocate space for articles, photographs, advertisements, etc and decide which stories make it into each edition.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an academic editor?

Managing your editorial board To bring together a range of subject experts within the field who can advise on journal strategy. To act as a ready team of potential reviewers with an active interest in the success of the journal. To add credibility to the journal, and celebrate important experts in the field.

Can editors reject manuscripts?

The first level is an editorial rejection. This type of rejection typically happens quickly—within 1‒2 weeks of submission—and is made by the journal editor. Editors reject manuscripts at this stage for one or more technical reasons: The manuscript is missing essential elements or sections required by the journal.