What is the movie In Time about?

What is the movie In Time about?

In a future where time is money and the wealthy can live forever, Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a poor man who rarely has more than a day’s worth of life on his time clock. When he saves Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) from time thieves, Will receives the gift of a century. However, such a large transaction attracts the attention of the authorities, and when Will is falsely accused of murder, he must go on the run, taking the daughter (Amanda Seyfried) of an incredibly wealthy man with him.In Time / Film synopsis

How does In Time movie end?

In Time(2011) Even though there’s nothing the Timekeepers can do about the release, Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) continues to pursue the pair, but since Timekeepers only keep a small amount of time on their person and Raymond doesn’t download his per diem during the final pursuit, Raymond’s time runs out and he dies.

What is In Time rated?

PG-13In Time / MPAA rating

Does Netflix have the movie In Time?

In a near future where no one ages and time is the new currency, a man becomes a suspect when he inherits decades from a wealthy murder victim. Watch all you want.

Will Salas mother?

mother Rachel
Will Salas, a 28-year-old Dayton factory worker, lives with his 50-year-old mother Rachel.

Will Salas quotes?

Will Salas: No one should be immortal, if even one person has to die. Philippe Weis: Of course, some think what we have is unfair. The time difference between zones. Will Salas: I’ve herd that.

Can children watch about time?

I think the movie is fine for mature kids 10 +. There are mild scenes with drinking and sex. Overall an excellent movie.

Why is 21 rated PG-13?

MPAA explanation: some violence, and sexual content including partial nudity.

Where can u watch the movie in time?

Watch In Time | Netflix.

Where can we watch in time?

You are able to stream In Time by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu.

Is Raymond Leon Will Salas father?

Raymon Leon is a Timekeeper (the equivalent of a cop). Raymon lives in New Greenwich, but was born in Dayton. He figured out a way to cross the zones when he was young and he wanted to stop other people from getting out like he did. He knew Will Salas’ dad.