What is the difference between frankincense Carteri and Frereana?

What is the difference between frankincense Carteri and Frereana?

Though both Frankincense Frereana and Frankincense Carterii are sourced from the mountainous regions of Somalia, Frankincense Frereana is typically grown at a higher altitude, giving this oil a unique chemical makeup.

What is frankincense Frereana used for?

Frankincense Frereana is especially prized for its skin rejuvenating properties. When added to a carrier oil, it smooths the appearance of wrinkles, scars, dry and damaged skin. It can help promote natural healing of a wound or cut.

What is the difference between the different frankincense oils?

The aromas of the oils are distinct. While both carterii and sacra have rich, woodsy aromas, there is definitely a difference between the two. Sacred frank is slightly more pungent, while frankincense is milder with a light citrus undertone.

Which type of frankincense oil is best?

Many people regard Sacred Frankincense as the most therapeutic and highly sought-after Frankincense oil in the world. Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil’s aroma is similar to the other varieties: balsamic, rich, warm, slightly spicy, sweet, and woody. However, this particular Frankincense oil has more earthy notes.

What is the highest grade of frankincense?

The best quality comes from the 2nd or 3rd annual bleeding of the tree, and generally speaking the more opaque resins are higher quality. Silver and Hojari are generally the highest grades of incense, and there is some dispute as to which type is better.

What does frankincense Frereana smell like?

Botanical Name: Boswellia frereana Birdw. Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery / Incense. Always dilute. Aroma: Very fresh, diffusive, sharp, pine-like, with an intense, deep, woody/resinous undertone and slight citrus/medicinal top note.

How much is Grade A frankincense?

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