What is the best class for VIND in rogue lineage?

What is the best class for VIND in rogue lineage?

Go illusionist because you start out with a bit of orderly (get a chair to deal with cliffo mode for the ultra quest.) Mage, u start out with mana shield and mana. Vind is really good with any class, tempest soul is REALLY good against mages also.

What are God spells in rogue lineage?

God Spell – God spells are spells that can only be used by superclass mages or higher. God scrolls are considerably rarer. Snap – Refers to the upgraded or evolved version of the spell which can be casted instantly.

How do you get the rogue spell lineage for snap?

How to get. To get Snap Magic, you need to have all the Fallion skills and go to the tundra snap tower. On the 2nd floor, there is an NPC, and if you give him 250 silver he will give you a snap.

What can Navaran emulate?


  • Appearance. Pitch Black Holes for Eyes. Greenish-Blue, Tan or White Skin.
  • Perks. Emulate. Devour. Ultra emulate (Day 10)
  • Obtained By. 4.5% Rollable Race.

How much chaotic does a soul rip give?

When used, Soul Rip will make you consume the KOed player’s soul and give 6 chaotic (3 grips).

How do you get Azel in Gaia?

The first way to get Azael was to go into a backfire gate to Lucifer’s Office. You had to pay Lucifer 2,000 silver and he would turn you into an Azael. On 4/27/2019, Azael was made unobtainable due to exploiters.

Is Hoppa a god spell?

Hoppa is a roulette godspell that launches the user into the air, with reduced effectiveness while you are already in the air. Backfiring this spell launches you into the air but without the fall damage immunity you normally get.

How do you use nocere?

Nocere (70-80%) is a spell that can be used on a player that is knocked down. When used, the victim will receive a random injury; (Bones, Chest Gashes, Concussion, Cataract, etc.). Each injury this spell gives to the target flings the target around.

How do you use Celeritas rogue lineage?

The targeting mechanics for Celeritas are similar to Nocere. In order to cast the spell onto someone, you must be fairly close and facing them directly. Once it locks on, the spell will stay focused on the target until you stop casting.

How do you get Gelidus?

This spell can ONLY be obtained via using an Ice Essence. Ice essences can be dropped, so you can either find one or buy it from someone.

What happens when you wipe KHEI?

Kasparan lives function differently in Khei as well. Each time they die, they gain a “5%” wipe chance. While this doesn’t appear visually, it takes two deaths for Kasparans to gain a 10% wipe chance. However, this does not mean your chance to Wipe starts at 6 Deaths, just that the chances of Wiping are lower.

How much does a race reroll cost in rogue lineage?

The easiest way is to talk to the guy in house of purgatory and reroll your race for 200 robux.