What is the best B-side of all time?

What is the best B-side of all time?

10 Best B-Sides Ever

  • ‘The Sweetest Thing’ (1987) U2.
  • ‘Silver Springs’ (1977) Fleetwood Mac.
  • ’51st Anniversary’ (1967) Jimi Hendrix.
  • ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ (1992) Pearl Jam.
  • ‘Murder By Numbers’ (1983) The Police.
  • ‘Carry Me Home’ (1977) AC/DC.
  • ‘Shut Out the Light’ (1984) Bruce Springsteen.
  • ‘Total Eclipse’ (1982) Iron Maiden.

Do artists still do B sides?

Nevertheless, some artists and labels continue to employ the terms A-side and B-side metaphorically to describe the type of content a particular release features, with B-side sometimes representing a “bonus” track or other material.

Which band has the best B sides?

We look at ten great examples of the B-side.

  • The Beatles – Revolution.
  • Oasis – Half The World Away.
  • The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want.
  • Kraftwerk – The Model.
  • The Smiths – How Soon Is Now.
  • Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
  • Underworld – Born Slippy.
  • The Cure – 10.15 Satuday Night.

What is musical side B?

The B-side is a secondary recording that gets less attention than the main music releases of an artist (which are referred to as the A-Side tracks). The term B-side originated from its use in vinyl records.

What B-side songs became hits?

20 B-Sides That Became Big Hits

  • “Beth,” Kiss (1976) “Beth,” Kiss (1976)
  • “Black Water,” Doobie Brothers (1974)
  • “Gloria,” Them (1964)
  • “Good Riddance,” Green Day (1996)
  • “Green Onions,” Booker T.
  • “Colour My World,” Chicago (1970)
  • “God Only Knows,” Beach Boys (1966)
  • “Hey Tonight,” Creedence Clearwater Revival (1971)

What is KPOP B-side?

Originally Answered: What are b-sides in K-pop? In kpop b-sides are all those songs in an album that aren’t the main title song and don’t get promoted as much as the title song of the album those.

What is B-side of camera roll?

(bē′sīd′) n. The reverse side of a phonograph record, especially a single. [From the B on the record’s label.]

What is a K-pop B-side?

The b-side is the missing ingredient that completes a K-pop album. In other words, these are the songs in an album that (undeservingly) don’t get promoted as much as the title track. Like in any other year, K-pop is not defined by its title track.

What is K-pop B-side?

Do CDs have B-sides?

However, the term “B-side” is still used to refer to the “bonus” tracks or “coupling” tracks on a CD single. With the advent of legal methods of downloading music via the Internet, sales of CD singles and other physical media have declined, and the term “B-side” is now less commonly used.

What are album B-sides?

The terms have come to refer to the types of song conventionally placed on each side of the record, with the A-side being the featured song (the one that the record producer hopes will receive radio airplay and become a “hit”), while the B-side, or flipside, is a secondary song that often does not appear on the …