What is special about Mt Kenya?

What is special about Mt Kenya?

It is pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs and a selection of rare and endangered species of animals, high altitude adapted plains game and unique montane and alpine vegetation.

Where is Mt Kenya National Park located?

Mount Kenya National Park
Mackinder Valley, Mount Kenya
Location Kenya
Coordinates 0°07′26″S 37°20′12″ECoordinates: 0°07′26″S 37°20′12″E
Area 715 km2 (276 sq mi)

Why do people visit Mt Kenya?

The Mount Kenya National Park protects the unique ecosystem that is found on the slopes of Africa’s second highest mountain. Many adventurous travellers come every year to hike up its challenging peaks. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa.

What animals live on Mount Kenya?

The Mount Kenya National Park includes Mount Kenya and is basically a forest reserve in which a number of animal species reside. These include elephants, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, black fronted duikers, mole rats, bushbucks, waterbucks, elands, leopards, black rhinos, and buffaloes.

Does Mt Kenya have snow?

The current climate on Mount Kenya is wet, but drier than it has been in the past. The temperatures span a wide range, which diminishes with altitude. In the lower alpine zone they usually don’t go below 12 °C (54 °F). Snow and rain are common from March to December, but especially in the two wet seasons.

Is Mount Kenya worth visiting?

There’s great infrastructure, multi-lingual guides, and that impressive view. It’s no wonder why it’s such a popular climb. But it’s not the only mountain in Africa worth visiting. Mount Kenya is also a great climb.

Can Mt Kenya erupt?

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano (last eruption 2.6 million years ago), which originally rose over 3 million years ago. At its peak, it reached heights of 19,700ft (6000m) before being eroded down to its current height.

Is Mount Kenya difficult?

However, it is still a challenging ascent and requires a great deal of physical fitness to reach. Many different routes and trails lead to this peak, many guides will mix and match them, depending on how much time you have, in order to see as much as possible on and around the mountain.

Can you walk up Mount Kenya?

Fitness Level Required to Climb Mount Kenya Multi-pitch climbs involve a lot of stamina and strength. Not just in your ability to climb, but walk as well. The technical climbing routes require you to summit Point Lenana as well, so be prepared to both trek and endure a multi-pitch climb.

Is Mount Kenya still active?

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano which originally rose an estimated 3 million years ago and last erupted an estimated 2.6 million years ago. Mount Kenya National Park was formed in 1949 and in 1978 the site became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve before finally being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Can beginners climb Mt Kenya?

The Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program is a 13-week, 7-event outdoor fitness course, specially designed to meet the needs of a beginner, and get them to Mt Kenya Point Lenana in 90 days. The course features six prep hikes with increasing difficulty, targeted toward building resilience.