What is SCM command?

What is SCM command?

The SCM Command Line Interface (SCM CLI) allows users to load, commit, and deliver changes from scripts. Used in conjunction with the RTC build infrastructure, release engineers have fine-grained control of every aspect of the build cycle.

What is RTC SCM?

Summary. The source control management (SCM) component in Rational Team Concert (RTC) manages source code and other digital assets that a team creates.

What is IBM RTC component?

A component is a collection of related artifacts, such as a set of related Eclipse plug-ins or a group of documents that comprise website content. A change set is a repository object that collects a related group of file, folder, and symbolic link modifications within a component.

What are streams in RTC?

A stream is a repository object that includes one or more components. Streams are typically used to integrate the work that is done in workspaces. Team members deliver their own changes to the stream and accept changes from other team members into their repository workspaces from the stream.

What is RTC tool?

Rational Team Concert (RTC) is an open, multi-platform team collaboration tool based on Jazz and Eclipse which provides developers with important functionality for agile application lifecycle management (ALM).

How do I add a component to RTC?

In the Team Artifacts window, right-click a repository workspace; then click New Component. In the New Component dialog box, type the name of the component and click OK. Note: You can also add components for a stream from the stream editor.

How do I create a new stream in RTC?


  1. In the Team Artifacts window, browse to your project area and right-click Source Control; then click New Stream.
  2. In the Stream editor, in the Repository field, select a repository.
  3. In the Name field, type a stream name.
  4. In the Owned by field, select a project or team area to own the stream.

What are stream components?

The main components of streams processing applications are tuples, data streams, operators, processing elements (PEs), and jobs. A view defines the set of attributes that can be displayed in a chart or table for a specific viewable data stream.

What is RTC in mainframe?

Rational Team Concert(IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management) is as a software development tool that enables development teams to manage all aspects of their work including iteration planning, process definition, task & defect tracking, source & revision control, build automation/management and reporting.

What is an RTC stream?