Mixed What is PW salary?

What is PW salary?

What is PW salary?

PW Salary FAQs The average PW salary ranges from approximately ₹10.7 Lakhs per year for a Associate to ₹ 26.4 Lakhs per year for a Manager. Salary estimates are based on 61 PW salaries received from various employees of PW. PW employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 4.2/5 stars.

What does unpaid ABS mean on payslip?

If you qualify for occupational sick pay, this will be displayed as Basic Salary (Abs offset) and Basic Salary (Abs payment). This will directly relate to the hours (or days) you’ve taken as sick leave.

What does Hol mean on a paycheck?

Holiday Pay
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Holiday Pay (HOL) Time is always paid to an employee. It is a day of exemption from work for which employees are paid as if they had worked n/a

What are other deductions in salary?

PF, ESI, PT, IT(TDS), LWF. Apart from this other deduction which can be shown is Loans, Salary Advance, Mobile, datacard, Cashier shortage(Applicable in retail sector). Due to the space constraint & common payslip format most of the company show this in other deduction.

Why is my gross pay different from my salary?

Basically, gross pay refers to all the money your employer pays you before any deductions are taken out. It includes all overtime, bonuses, and reimbursements from your employer, and it does not account for such deductions as taxes, insurance, and retirement contributions.

What is DD net pay?

If you have Direct Deposit, the amount printed on your paycheck as “Deposit” represents the net direct deposit (DD NET), not the gross of all your direct deposits. If you have only one direct deposit bank account the amount of your check will be your net pay after deductions.