What is framework Manager in Cognos?

What is framework Manager in Cognos?

IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager is the metadata modeling tool for IBM Cognos Analytics. You can install it on the same computer as other IBM Cognos Analytics components, or on a different computer.

What are the two types of framework Manager in Cognos?

Bhaskar reddy tamatam

  • Bhaskar reddy tamatam. Answered On : Jul 23rd, 2014.
  • In cognos three types of layers are there. 1.physical layer. 2.business layer. 3.presentation layer.

How do I access Cognos Framework Manager?

Installing IBM Cognos Framework Manager

  1. Go to the location where the installation files were downloaded and extracted, and double-click the installer.exe file.
  2. Point to appropriate repository and select IBM Cognos Analytics Tools and select IBM Cognos Framework Manager.
  3. Select the language to use for the installation.

What is the use of Framework Manager?

What is a Framework Manager? IBM Cognos Framework Manager is used to create business model of metadata derived from one or more data sources. It is a Windows based tool which is used to publish the business models to Cognos BI in the form of packages which can be used for analytical reporting and analysis.

How do I remove Cognos Framework Manager?


  1. From the Start menu, click Programs, IBM Cognos 10, Uninstall IBM Cognos, Uninstall IBM Cognos. The Uninstall wizard appears.
  2. Follow the instructions to uninstall the components. The cognos_uninst_log.
  3. Delete all temporary Internet files from the Web browser computers.

When was Cognos 11?

Release 11.0.11 – May 2018 The following features are new or changed in Cognos Analytics 11.0.

How do I uninstall IBM Cognos analytics?


  1. In the Start menu list of programs, find the IBM Cognos Analytics application. Right-click the application name, and click Uninstall.
  2. Follow the instructions to uninstall the components. The cognos_uninst_log.
  3. Delete all temporary internet files from the web browser computers.

What is three tier architecture in IBM Cognos?

IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence has a multitiered architecture. For description purposes, it can be separated into three tiers: Web server, applications, and data. The tiers are based on business function, and are typically separated by network firewalls. IBM Cognos BI user interfaces sit above the tiers.