What is EASA standard?

What is EASA standard?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) publishes safety and environmental standards for civil aviation. These documents certify products and create a European regulatory framework. EASA standards enable you to: Ensure safety and product reliability.

Do I need an LOA to use a MMEL?

Operators seeking authorization to develop a customized MEL must go through the FAA MEL approval process. The AFS field office ASI must ensure the operator develops their MEL using the MMEL for the aircraft as a guide. This is a requirement of the LOA.

Can an MEL be extended?

This authorization is good for a one- time extension. If the operator wants or needs to extend the interval again, the operator must get approval from the FAA office. A certificate holder/program manager is not authorized to extend the maximum repair time for category A and D items, as specified in the approved MEL.

What instruments are required for day VFR flight?

For VFR flight during the day, the following instruments and equipment are required:

  • (1) Airspeed indicator.
  • (2) Altimeter.
  • (3) Magnetic direction indicator.
  • (4) Tachometer for each engine.
  • (5) Oil pressure gauge for each engine using pressure system.
  • (6) Temperature gauge for each liquid-cooled engine.

What is the difference between Mel and CDL?

While the MEL describes the limitations of aircraft operation in case of a system being inoperative/having malfunctioned (e.g. transponder failure), the CDL deals with situations where external parts of an aircraft are missing/fallen off (e.g. fairings, aerodynamic seals or panels).

What is aviation standard?

With the public being our most important customer, Aviation System Standards, provides services to ensure the standard development, evaluation, and certification of airspace systems, procedures, and equipment for customers worldwide.

Is a Mel required?

Under Part 91 the MEL is technically not an approved document. The use of the MEL is simply “authorized” through the letter of authorization provided by the FAA. Again, since the MEL, even with just a letter of authorization, constitutes an STC to the aircraft and must be carried at all times.

Does a Cessna 172 have an MEL?

Doc Holliday Pattern Altitude Doubt your 172 has a MEL. A Cessna 172 MEL has to be developed from the generic SE MMEL, then submitted to the FSDO for approval. Bell206 likes this.