What is Beckman Access immunoassay?

What is Beckman Access immunoassay?

Immunoassay analyzers are used to identify and detect the concentration of specific substances in patient samples, usually using an antibody as a reagent.

What is immunoassay autoanalyzer?

Immunoassay analyzers are used to identify and detect the concentration of specific substances in a sample, usually using an antibody as a reagent.

What is chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer?

Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) is an assay that combine chemiluminescence technique with immunochemical reactions. Similar with other labeled immunoassays (RIA, FIA, ELISA), CLIA utilize chemical probes which could generate light emission through chemical reaction to label the antibody.

What is PSA Beckman?

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing is widely used as a screening tool for prostate cancer, but PSA levels between 4-10ng/ml do not provide physicians the clarity to perform biopsy. PSA is not a cancer-specific marker.

What is qualitative immunoassay?

Most lateral flow immunoassays are qualitative tests, which means that a color change on the test line indicates a positive result while the lack of color indicates a negative result.

What is the Coulter?

The Coulter Principle is based on the detection and measurement of changes in electrical resistance produced by a particle or cell suspended in a conductive liquid (diluent) traversing through a small aperture. When particles or cells are suspended in a conductive liquid, they function as discrete insulators.

What is Beckman Coulter machine?

Beckman Coulter offers a variety of scalable clinical chemistry analyzers, all of which can help optimize your laboratory’s uptime, reliability and performance. In today’s changing healthcare climate, laboratories around the world are challenged to elevate patient care and reduce operating costs at the same time.

What is enhanced chemiluminescence immunoassay?

Enhanced chemiluminescence is based on the reaction of luminol (3-amino-phthalhydrazide) with an oxidizing agent, such as hydrogen peroxide or sodium perbo rate. This reaction is catalyzed by metal ions at high pH, resulting in emission of blue light (emission peak about 425 nm).

What is the difference between ELISA and chemiluminescence?

CLIA and ELISA have a higher sensitivity compared with PA. CLIA has a high concordance with ELISA. Moreover, CLIA has a higher specificity and sensitivity for the detection of IgM and IgG and should be used for the clinical diagnosis of MP infection.

What is a normal Phi score?

What does phi score mean?

phi Range* Probability of Cancer 95% Confidence Interval
0-26.9 9.8% 5.2%-15.4%
27.0-35.9 16.8% 11.3%-22.2%
36.0-54.9 33.3% 26.8%-39.9%
55.0+ 50.1% 39.8%-61.0%