What is Apt_dump_score in DataStage?

What is Apt_dump_score in DataStage?

Whether InfoSphere DataStage inserted extra operators in the flow. The degree of parallelism each operator runs with, and on which nodes. Information about where the data is buffered.

Which are routines in the DataStage manager transformer stage?

It can be called via transformer stage. There are three types of routines such as, parallel routines, main frame routines and server routines.

What is lookup DataStage?

The Lookup stage is a processing stage that is used to perform lookup operations on a data set read into memory from any other Parallel job stage that can output data.

What is peek in DataStage?

The Peek stage is a Development/Debug stage. It can have a single input link and any number of output links. The Peek stage lets you print record column values either to the job log or to a separate output link as the stage copies records from its input data set to one or more output data sets.

How are DataStage jobs organized?

Jobs and their associated objects are organized in projects. DataStage administrators create projects using the Administrator client. When you start the Designer client, you specify the project that you will work in, and everything that you do is stored in that project.

How do you use lookup stage in Datastage?

Lookup Stage: Each lookup reference requires a contiguous block of shared memory. If the Data Sets are larger than available memory resources, the JOIN or MERGE stage should be used. Lookup stages do not require data on the input link or reference links to be sorted.

What are the two types of lookup in Datastage?

There are two types of Lookups in Datastage i.e. Normal lkp and Sparse lkp. In Normal lkp, the data is saved in the memory first and then the lookup is performed. In Sparse lkp, the data is directly saved in the database.

How do you create a breakpoint in DataStage?

You can set breakpoints before or during job execution by right-clicking on a data link between two stages, then clicking “toggle breakpoint” (so that a red circular icon appears on the link) and “edit breakpoint” to specify the break criteria.

How do you Debug in DataStage?

The InfoSphere® DataStage® debugger provides basic facilities for testing and debugging your server job designs….The following commands are available from the Debug menu or Debug toolbar:

  1. Target Job.
  2. Go.
  3. Step to Next Link.
  4. Step to Next Row.
  5. Stop Job.
  6. Job Parameters… .
  7. Edit Breakpoints… .
  8. Toggle Breakpoint.