What is an Isodry?

What is an Isodry?

The Isodry dental isolation system is an easy-to-use alternative to traditional forms of dental isolation, such as the rubber dam or manual suction and retraction.

What is the difference between Isodry and Isovac?

The Isovac offers the same control of the oral cavity and safety advantages of the company’s award-winning Isolite and Isodry dental isolation systems. The difference being Isovac is designed to replace the HVE at the hose, while the Isolite and Isodry systems are designed to augment existing evacuation on the chair.

What is isolite system in dentistry?

An isolite is a convenient hands-free suction and retraction unit that can be used during dental appointments. Its dual vacuum power and silicone bite easily connects to most dental high volume ports in the operatory solving many of the frustrations that dental professionals deal with daily.

Who makes isolite?

The Zyris Isolite® Whole Mouth Solution.

Can you autoclave isolite mouthpieces?

Are your mouthpieces autoclavable? No. The Isolite Mouthpieces are single-use only. Our Mouthpieces are constructed of a soft, flexible polymer to be easily placed in the patient’s mouth, adjust to the unique morphology of each patient, and to provide the patient with the most comfort.

What is isolite made of?

Isolite’s proprietary and patented Mouthpiece has been specifically designed and engineered around the anatomy and morphology of the mouth to accommodate every patient, from children to the elderly. Mouthpieces are constructed of a soft, flexible polymer and are not made with natural rubber latex.

Can you sterilize Mr thirsty?

virtually no maintenance. With no installation required, Mr. Thirsty┬« inserts directly to your HVE and the sterilization process is so simple to train the staff: Sterilize the hard parts and dispose of soft parts. He’ll take your Isolation to a whole new level.

How much does dry Shield cost?

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Description/Package Item No. Price
Dryshield Starter Kit Includes: DryShield Evacuation System, Portable Operatory Kit, Y-Connector Kit, Cleaning Brush, 4-each of Pedo, Small, Medium & Large Mouthpieces Mfg. Part #: DS-SK-001 Click for Image D86-5012 $900.00

How many times can you autoclave DryShield?

Generally, we recommend replacing DryShield mouthpieces after 50 autoclave cycles, but there are other indicators that it’s time for a new mouthpiece: Retraction: After many uses, you may notice the mouthpiece becoming softer.

Can you sterilize isolite mouthpieces?

This type of soft and flexible material is porous and we do not know of any effective protocol that guarantees that an autoclave cycle can properly sterilize any foreign matter that may be absorbed into the pores of the mouthpiece.