Mixed What is an IM4 document?

What is an IM4 document?

What is an IM4 document?

A Customs Bill of Entry (IM4) is prepared for declaration of each truck received, by self-data capture done electronically on-line with a system known as Direct Trader Input (DTI) / Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA World) which is linked to the main URA server for instant data transfer from a remote DTI …

What does IM4 mean?

The selection to be used for domestic import declaration is IM4, Entry for Home Use.

What is IM7 document?

This application intends to automatically convert all transit bonds (T1s) into warehousing bonds (IM7) for all cargo forwarded into Ugandan territory from different Ports and borders.

What is SAD in Customs?

SAD stands for Single Administrative Document. It is a document used for customs declarations in the EU and other European countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Turkey, the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia.

Is IM4 used in SCT processes?

A: The agent is required capture 2 separate Entries; one for the Motor Vehicle Unit – this may be a warehousing Entry (WT8) or an IM4 (Payment of Taxes), and another one (IM4) for the goods. Both Entries should be inspected accordingly.

How much is import duty in Uganda?

Most finished products are subject to a 25% duty, while intermediate products face a 10% levy. Raw materials (excluding foodstuffs) and capital goods may still enter duty free. Imported goods are charged a value added tax (VAT) of 18% and a 15% witholding tax, which is not reclaimable.

What is a T1 transit document?

A T1 is a transit document which allows for goods which originated outside the European Union to move freely within the European Union. The accompanying document ensures that no customs duties or taxes are payable as the shipment moves from one country to the next within the European Union.

How is import duty calculated in Uganda?

Computation of Import Duty Import duty = Customs value × Import duty rate Customs value = C+ I + F which is cost, insurance and freight. However, for air freight cargo, value is based on only the cost and insurance (C&I) of the goods. It excludes the cost of freight.

What is EAD and sad?

Electronic Accompanying Document (eAD) for the circulation of products under excise duty suspension. Simplified Accompanying Document (SAD) for the circulation of duty-paid products. AC4 declaration for the payment of excise duties.

How do I complete a sad document?

In order to complete a SAD Document, one needs to know specific information about the vehicle, such as consignor, consignee, method of transport, vehicle classification, invoicing details, and the vehicle’s origin, customs procedures, and other details.