What is a plier used for?

What is a plier used for?

Pliers are made in various shapes and sizes and for many uses. Some are used for gripping something round like a pipe or rod, some are used for twisting wires, and others are designed to be used for a combination of tasks including cutting wire.

What is a plier tool?

pliers, hand-operated tool for holding and gripping small articles or for bending and cutting wire. Slip-joint pliers have grooved jaws, and the pivot hole in one member is elongated so that the member can pivot in either of two positions in order to grasp objects of different size in the most effective way.

What is the name of the plier?

Learn about five types of pliers: slip-joint, water-pump, linesman, locking and needle-nose.

What is plier cutter?

Diagonal pliers (or wire cutters or diagonal cutting pliers or diagonal cutters or side cutters) are pliers intended for the cutting of wire (they are generally not used to grab or turn anything).

What can I use instead of pliers?

Pliers. Pliers come in handy when you need to grip something tight and move it in some way. If you don’t own pliers or can’t find yours, try a pair of sturdy kitchen tongs as a replacement. Pinch the tongs around the object as tight as possible to do the work.

What is tool name?

There is a huge range of tools and they all perform different functions, but 10 of the most commonly used are a hammer, a screwdriver, a mallet, an axe, a saw, a wrench, a chisel, pliers, a drill, and a tape measure.

Is plier a word?

Definition of plier pliers, (sometimes used with a singular verb) small pincers with long jaws, for bending wire, holding small objects, etc.

How do you use pliers step by step?

How to use combination pliers

  1. Step 1 – Open jaws. Grip the pliers’ handles in your hand and open them (some pliers are spring loaded and open automatically).
  2. Step 2 – Position pliers. For gripping, get the flat parts of the jaws into the best possible position either side of the item to be gripped.
  3. Step 3 – Close jaws.