What is a Korean hagwon?

What is a Korean hagwon?

Download Korea Guide “Hagwon” is the Korean language word for a for-profit private educational institute (school). So, hagwons are essentially private language centers or academies operated like businesses apart from the South Korean public school system.

How much do Korean hagwon teachers make?

The average teacher salary at a Korean Hagwon, or private academy, ranges from 1.9-2.3 million won ($1,700-$2,050), per month. Universities in South Korea pay English teachers 2.3-3.5 million won ($2,050-$3,100) per month.

How do I get a job at hagwon in Korea?

Candidates can apply via the EPIK website or an approved recruiter. Teachers can also choose to work for private schools, known as ‘hagwons’, many of which are large organizations with several chains throughout the country. Apply for teaching jobs in South Korea using the OnTESOL job board.

How much does hagwon cost in Korea?

The average cost of sending one’s child to hagwon academies was ₩429,000 per month. As the price per hagwon is usually around ₩300,000 per month, it means that the average student will attend at least one or two hagwons.

Why is hagwon good?

Apart from being able to pick a job anywhere you want in the country, this hagwon pays very well. The average salary is 2.65 million won/month plus round-trip airfare and end-of-contract bonus. The downside is that rent is not included, so the extra money you are making goes to paying for your apartment.

Why do Koreans have EPIK?

I think that EPIK is an excellent choice if you want to teach abroad. The salary, free housing, medical benefits, vacation time, and paid flights to and from Korea, all make for a very nice contract. Since the EPIK program is through the Ministry of Education, your job is stable and secure.

Are hagwons good?

Private Academies or Hagwons (학원) do have a slightly bad reputation within the foreign community. This is often justified and we’ve personally worked at a couple of poorly managed and run Hagwons (to put it politely). However they aren’t all bad and there are a number of positive aspects to working at one.