What is a good price to pay for K-cups?

What is a good price to pay for K-cups?

We generally regard any deal that works out to around 50¢ per k-cup or less to be good, and we’ve seen them drop as low as 33¢ per k-cup, even for premium brands like Dunkin Donuts.

How much are K-cups at Aldi’s?

Check out the new K-cup options at Aldi. They have numerous flavors and the price is just 49 cents a cup. A box is around $5 to $6. Price and availability may vary by location.

Who has the best deals on coffee pods?

Sam’s Club and Costco These retailers have great k cup prices. For example, 100 ct Original Donut Shop k-cup box retails for $47.00 at Sam’s club ($0.47 each) and you can get Maxwell House Breakfast blend k-cups for $34.98 ($0.35 each).

How can I get free K-cups?

The Little Known Secret On How To Get Cheap K-Cups

  1. Step 1: Register your Keurig Brewer online at Keurig.com.
  2. Step 2: You’ll receive a welcome email from Keurig, which includes a unique coupon code from Keurig for Buy Two Boxes, Get Two Boxes FREE.
  3. Step 3: Shop for Your K-Cups.

Is it cheaper to buy K cups or ground coffee?

If you buy a 60 K-Cup variety pack with a twenty percent off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, a single K-Cup will cost you $0.53. Compare that to the cost of a regular cup of coffee from your typical coffeemaker at approximately $0.08 per twelve-ounce cup, using Maxwell House ground coffee.

Do ALDI K cups work in Keurig?

Aldi coffee pods are compatible with Keurig machines.

Who makes BJ’s coffee pods?

Keurig Green Mountain Inc.
Keurig Green Mountain Inc., a Vermont-based company whose product line includes single-serve coffee brewing systems, is teaming up with BJ’s Wholesale Club to offer an 84-count box of Wellsley Farms Signature Blend K-Cup packs for $29.99, the two companies said in a Monday press release.

Is Keurig coffee cheap?

You can normally find a budget Keurig coffee machine deal for a great price. Keurig: When it comes to K-Cup prices, based on prices on Amazon, K-Cups can range anywhere from 40 cents per pod for budget coffee to $1.24 per pod for the fancy stuff. On average most cups fall in the 60-cent-per-pod range.