What is a generic table?

What is a generic table?

A generic table is a diagram with a specific stereotype. It is used to represent the element properties in a table form. It can represent different element types in one table and show all their properties. Table rows represent elements, and columns represent element properties.

What is a generic table in SQL?

A generic table function is a table UDF where the output table is not specified when the UDF is defined. Instead, the output table is specified when the UDF is referenced. Different output table size and shape are possible for the same generic table function, depending on different input arguments.

What is generic DB?

A generic database is a table in which the field names are stored as field values in one column, while the field values are stored in a second. Generic databases are usually used for attributes of different objects.

What is a mapping table in SQL?

Mapping table is a table, which is created to map the column values between two tables. It is also called a Lookup table, which is only used to look for a related value from some other table.

What is database protocol?

General database access protocols are designed so that the detailed information about a particular database product can be “snapped in” to a common framework without worrying about the specifics.

What is a native database?

A Cloud-Native database is a sort of database service which is used to build, deployed and delivered through cloud platforms. It is mostly a Cloud platform as a service which provides models that allow the organization, end-user and their respective applications to store and manage and retrieve data from the cloud.

What is map table?

What is Oracle table mapping?

Answer: Oracle mapping tables are an alternative to using the decode and case statement to transform one value to another.

What is a shard in database?

What Is Database Sharding? Sharding is a method for distributing a single dataset across multiple databases, which can then be stored on multiple machines. This allows for larger datasets to be split in smaller chunks and stored in multiple data nodes, increasing the total storage capacity of the system.

Is MySQL a protocol?

What is MySQL Client / Server protocol? MySQL Client / Server protocol is accepted conventions (rules). Through these rules client and server “talks” and understand each other. Client connects to server through TCP connection with special socket, sends to server special packets and accepts them from server.

What is a cloud native database?

Where is power query?

In Excel Select Data > Queries & Connections > Queries tab. In the Power Query Editor Select Data > Get Data > Launch Power Query Editor, and view the Queries pane on the left.