What is a combat dining-out?

What is a combat dining-out?

A combat dining-out is a traditional military dinner with informal uniforms, water balloons and quirky rules. For example, service members were not permitted to clap their hands, but rather were made to applaud by hitting the table with a challenge coin. The combat is a water fight between two teams at the dinner.

What to wear to combat dining-out?

While the format of the event is built around the traditional dining-in, the combat dining in is much less formal. The wear of utility uniforms (flight-suit, BDUs, ABUs, OCPs, fatigues, etc.), face paint, headbands, and Rambo-style accoutrements are highly encouraged.

What is a combat dine in?

The Combat Dining-In is a tradition in all branches of the United States Armed services. From pre-Christian Roman legions, to second century Viking warlords, to King Arthur’s knights in the sixth century, feasts to honor military victories and individual and unit achievements have been a custom.

What is the purpose of a military ball dining-in or dining-out?

The dining-in is a formal dinner function for members of a military organization or unit. It provides an occasion for cadets, officers, noncommissioned officers, and their guests to gather together in an atmosphere of camaraderie, good fellowship, fun, and social rapport.

What is the difference between a dining-in and a dining out?

What are they and what’s the difference? Dining-In: a formal military dinner for the officers of a unit with a set agenda. Considered obligatory. Dining-Out: a dining-in to which spouses and guests are invited.

Can officers wear semi formal?

Officers wear the mess dress uniform. Retired officers may wear the mess dress or civilian attire. For enlisted members, mess dress or the semi-formal dress uniform is worn. For retired enlisted personnel, the mess dress, semi-formal dress, or civilian attire is appropriate.

What is Army grog?

The “Grog Bowl” is to military balls as a punch bowl is to party gatherings. But make no mistake, this is probably the grossest tradition in military history. Grog is any variety of spirits mixed with water. Unfortunately, the true grog bowl is mixed with much more than those two items.

What is Marine Corps mess Night?

Mess night is a ceremonial occasion where Marines, wearing their dress blue uniforms with ornate medals, gather to share the Corps’ customs and courtesies as well as build camaraderie and Esprit de Corps.

How do you propose a toast in the military?

Procedures for proposing and conducting toasts vary, as tradition and commands dictate from unit to unit. At the cadet company dining-in where festivities are subject to a definite time restraint the toastmaster would stand and state his toast:

How to organize a combat dining out?

How to Organize a Combat Dining Out 1 Step 1: Decide on the “Who” 2 Step 2: Create the “What” 3 Step 3: Finding the Place “The Where” 4 Step 4: Fining the Time “The When” 5 Step 5: the “Why” 6 Step 6: the Logistics 7 Step 7: the Tentative Schedule 8 BS Context (What Captain Raymer Cares About) 9 Lessons Learned (Before & After)

Are toasts required at a dining-in?

Toasts are considered a mandatory part of any dining-in. The format of toasts will vary depending primarily on the purpose of the dining-in. All persons should be informed of the order of toasts and the correct responses before hand. The printed program works well to convey this information.

What are the rules for toast to the mess?

— Any officer wishing to propose a toast, comment on a point of order, respond to the challenge of another member of the Mess, or in general address the Mess, must first address Mr. Vice. The only exception to the rule is in response to a prior question or comment from the POM.