What is a BRM car?

What is a BRM car?

The BRM P261, also known as the BRM P61 Mark II, is a Formula One motor racing car, designed and built by the British Racing Motors team in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England. The BRM P261 was introduced for the 1964 Formula One season, and its design was an evolution of Tony Rudd’s one-off BRM P61 car of 1963.

Who owned BRM?

The latest BRM is the brainchild of Paul Owen, the grandson of Sir Alfred, who is managing director of Rubery Owen’s Rozone Ltd, a company that develops environmental technology. The new BRM will be an electric racing vehicle and will be known as the BRM Bee Four ERV.

Who drove for BRM?

Six world champions have driven for the team: Juan Fangio, Mike Hawthorn, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, John Surtees and Niki Lauda.

Where did British Motors start?

According to the pages of The Autocar, the English Motor Club (successor to the Motor Car Club, organisers of the 1896 Emancipation Run from London to Brighton) held a race meeting in the grounds of the Crystal Palace in Sydenham, South London on 8th April 1901.

Where is BRM based?

British Racing Motors (BRM) was a British Formula One motor racing team. Founded in 1945 and based in the market town of Bourne in Lincolnshire, it participated from 1951 to 1977, competing in 197 grands prix and winning seventeen.

Did Niki Lauda drive for BRM?

After a couple of years at Brabham and two years’ hiatus, Lauda returned and raced four seasons for McLaren between 1982 and 1985 – during which he won the 1984 title by half a point over his teammate Alain Prost.

Why is Bexhill the home of British motor racing?

In the May of 1902, the 8th Earl De La Warr worked, in conjunction with the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland, subsequently the Royal Automobile Club, to organise the very first automobile racing on British soil. Such was the occasion that thousands flocked to Bexhill to witness the unique spectacle.

What did BRM become?

BRM won the constructors’ title in 1962 when its driver Graham Hill became world champion. In 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1971, BRM came second in the constructors’ competition….British Racing Motors.

Formula One World Championship career
Races entered 200 (189 starts)
Chassis BRM, Lotus, Gilby, BRP, Scirocco, Brabham, Matra, McLaren, Cooper

Who drove for Hesketh?

James Elson. The very last Hesketh F1 car that James Hunt drove before moving to win the drivers’ title with McLaren has sold for “a high six-figure sum”, according to its seller, the historic car dealer Duncan Hamilton.