What flower is used in a homecoming mum?

What flower is used in a homecoming mum?

Mum is short for Chrysanthemums, daisy-like flowers that come in various forms and colors. Chrysanthemums were first introduced in the U.S. during Colonial times. It became known as “Queen of the Fall Flowers” after its growth in popularity. Boys started giving a mum to his date as a corsage for homecoming.

What color should homecoming mums be?

OVERVIEW OF HOMECOMINGS TODAY! Mums are made with the spirit colors of the high school, and often the addition of silver or gold if it’s not an official color. Black is often added as an accent color to silver schools. Senior mums are white and usually the metallic color of the school, silver or gold.

What do mums symbolize for homecoming?

Homecoming mums represent both high school football, commonly referred to as a “religion” in Texas. They also represent the importance of dating and relationships in high school life. The Homecoming celebration as we know it today can be traced back a century to the University of Missouri.

Are mums just a Texas thing?

Mums, it turns out, are a very specific tradition, popular only in Texas (and parts of Oklahoma) and are huge, ginormous corsages.

How does a homecoming garter compare to a homecoming mum?

Males wear a mum as well referred to as a “garter”, the mum is attached to a garter worn on the arm. A Homecoming mum is centered around a silk flower, with streaming ribbons, your name, the name of your date and whatever other creative thing you like.

What is a homecoming garter?

During the annual homecoming game, male high school students in Texas — as well as parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana — often don a decorative armband called a “garter” as a coordinating counterpart to the girls’ larger and more lavish “mums.” These accessories, which resemble an oversized corsage, are …

How did the tradition of homecoming mums start?

According to Texas Highways the first mums were worn at homecoming game in Missouri in 1911. It was considered a token of affection. The tradition of wearing chrysanthemums did not become popular in Texas until the 1930’s.

Are homecoming mums just a Texas thing?

But the tradition’s origin is largely obscure—and surprisingly, not Texan. Homecoming mums are said to have appeared in Texas during the 1930s, but the first known homecoming mums were worn in Missouri, which also hosted the first-ever homecoming football game in 1911.

Are homecoming mums only a Texas tradition?