What does the phrase much to do about nothing mean?

What does the phrase much to do about nothing mean?

Meaning. If you say something is much ado about nothing, you think it’s an overreaction to something that shouldn’t have caused so much trouble.

What is meaning of much ado about nothing?

[journalism] a lot of fuss about something which is not important.

Where does the phrase much ado about nothing come from?

The phrase ‘much ado about nothing’ is best known to us as the title of Shakespeare’s play, which he published in 1599. He had used the word ado, which means business or activity, in an earlier play – Romeo and Juliet, 1592: “Weele keepe no great adoe, a Friend or two.”

How do you spell much ado?

The proper form is “without further ado”; an ado is a hubbub, a bustle, a flurry, or a fuss. Another common phrase, from the title of a Shakespeare play, is “much ado about nothing.”

What does a whole lot of nothing mean?

“That was a lot of effort that didn’t produce anything.”

What does to make the best of a bad bargain meaning?

Make-the-best-of-a-bad-bargain definition To do as well as one can when faced with difficult circumstances.

Has no truck Meaning?

to refuse to be involved with
: to refuse to be involved with (someone or something) I’ll have no truck with such nonsense.

Has no truck meaning?

What is whole lot?

Definition of a whole lot of : a large amount of : very much He doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of respect for other people’s feelings.

What does the saying chapter and verse mean?

Definition of chapter and verse 1 : the exact reference or source of information or justification for an assertion clinched their arguments by citing chapter and verse— J. M. Burns. 2 : full precise information or detail can give chapter and verse on the effects of diverting defense spending— Horace Sutton.

What is the meaning of bids fair?

to show signs of a favorable or successful outcome. The weather conditions bid fair to yield a good crop.