What does PNGase f stand for?

What does PNGase f stand for?

:N-glycosidase F
Background: Peptide:N-glycosidase F (PNGase F) is an enzyme that catalyzes the complete removal of N-linked oligosaccharide chains from glycoproteins. Often called an endoglycosidase, it is more correctly termed an amidase or glycosylasparaginase as cleavage is at the asparagine-sugar amide linkage.

What are N-linked oligosaccharides?

N-linked glycosylation, is the attachment of an oligosaccharide, a carbohydrate consisting of several sugar molecules, sometimes also referred to as glycan, to a nitrogen atom (the amide nitrogen of an asparagine (Asn) residue of a protein), in a process called N-glycosylation, studied in biochemistry.

Why is N-glycosylation important?

Protein N-glycosylation is a metabolic process that has been highly conserved in evolution. In all eukaryotes, N-glycosylation is obligatory for viability. It functions by modifying appropriate asparagine residues of proteins with oligosaccharide structures, thus influencing their properties and bioactivities.

What is purpose of N-linked glycosylation?

N-linked glycosylation (NLG) is a complex biosynthetic process that regulates maturation of proteins through the secretory pathway. This cotranslational modification is regulated by a series of enzymatic reactions, which results in the transfer of a core glycan from the lipid carrier to a protein substrate.

What is asparagine used for in the body?

Asparagine is needed to produce many proteins but also plays other roles. Asparagine helps to break down toxic ammonia within cells, is important for protein modification, and is needed for making a certain molecule that transmits signals in the brain (a neurotransmitter).

What is aspartic acid used for?

Aspartic acid helps every cell in the body work. It plays a role in: Hormone production and release. Normal nervous system function.

How do I get rid of PNGase F?

Reaction Conditions Denature glycoprotein by heating reaction at 55°C for 10 minutes. Make a total reaction volume of 20 μl by adding 2 μl 10X GlycoBuffer 2, H20 and 1–5 μl Remove-iT PNGase F.