Mixed What does light yellow a mean on a urine test?

What does light yellow a mean on a urine test?

What does light yellow a mean on a urine test?

You’re in the preferred section of the urine color chart. Urine that falls in the pale yellow category signals that you’re healthy and hydrated, says Dr. Bajic. That yellowish color, by the way, is caused by a pigment called urochrome produced by your body.

What causes pale yellow urine?

Pale yellow urine means you are more hydrated. Dark amber urine is at the other end of the spectrum, which means the urine is more concentrated, and therefore you’re more dehydrated.” Dr. Newton says a pigment called urochrome, or urobilin, causes the yellow color in urine.

How light can your pee be for a drug test?

The normal range is between 20 and 400 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). In diluted urine, the urine creatinine level is between 2 and 20 mg/dL.

Does bright yellow urine mean anything?

Bright yellow urine is harmless, and is just a sign that you are taking more vitamins than your body needs. You may want to check with your doctor on what vitamins your body does not need as much of so you can cut back.

Why is my pee light pink?

There are many conditions that can cause blood to be present in the urine. Pink or red urine may be the result of a injury, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, tumors, excessive physical exercise or other conditions which cause the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra to leak or ooze blood into the urine.

How do you know if a drug test is negative?

When a drug is present in such high concentrations that there are no more binding sites left on the antibody, the sample may present with falsely low values. If the low value is below the test cutoff, the result will be negative.

What does very pale urine mean?

Colorless urine may indicate over-hydration. While not as dangerous as dehydration, over-hydration can dilute essential salts, such as electrolytes, creating a problematic chemical imbalance in the blood. 2. Pale straw color.

What color is your pee when you have drugs in your system?

The anti-inflammatory drug sulfasalazine (Azulfidine),phenazopyridine, some laxatives and certain chemotherapy drugs might cause your urine color to be orange. The antidepressant amitriptyline, the pain reliever indomethacin (Indocin, Tivorbex) and the anesthetic propofol (Diprivan) may turn your urine blue or green.

Why is my urine light green?

The most common cause of green urine is medication, but foods — and food dyes — can also cause it. In rare cases it can be a sign of a bacterial urinary infection or a liver problem.